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16 July 2008

Greetings from Vegas [More:]I'm spending the week in Vegas at a computer geek trade show, where I'll be presenting tomorrow (lucky me, I have the last slot in my division on the last day).

While the multicultural attendance is interesting, I've never seen such a collection of horrible presentations. Yikes. Oh and asshattery is universal.
You're in Vegas. Go get drunk and gamble.
posted by jonmc 16 July | 18:39
People watching always helps me through tough and boring times. I hope you can salvage some of it and have a decent time anyway.
posted by redvixen 16 July | 19:32
Vegas! All the Seven Deadlies going 24/7. I'm jealous.

Go to the visitor's bureau and get one of those coupon books that give you a free drink here and a free pull on the giant slot machine there. When we were there about 10 years ago we killed a whole day just doing free stuff.
posted by jrossi4r 16 July | 20:07
I wish I were in Las Vegas. Somewhere like the Wynn, splashing money around, living large. Go splash some money, plinth! Have fun!
posted by LoriFLA 16 July | 21:20
jrossi4r: Are you sure it's legal to have fun *for free* in Vegas?
posted by qvantamon 16 July | 22:49
Go get drunk and gamble
Ah, jon, we are cut from different cloth. Neither of those hold a tremendous appeal. I've had a tiny amount of beer and am up 1.68 in the penny slots.

We did go see The Amazing Jonathan the other night, which was a really good show.
posted by plinth 17 July | 09:10
See Penn and Teller.
Hit the buffet at the Rio.
Find things worth gawking at.
The twinkling in the distance is the Liberace Museum.
posted by ethylene 18 July | 01:58
ROLLER COASTERS! Vegas is full of them, I tried riding every single one and I think I did. There's one going through that strange europe/new york-minitown, fun! There's one on top of the stratosphere FUN (not the greatest roller coaster but hey, you're way high up!) - there are roller coasters everywhere. Go do them one by one! Those are the two I remember the most because they were the best.
posted by dabitch 18 July | 02:03
Also, the light show in freemont street is cool.
posted by dabitch 18 July | 02:04
There are rides indoors, too. i remember an Atlantis ride and lots of IMAX.
posted by ethylene 18 July | 02:09
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