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15 July 2008

What food are you daydreaming about today? [More:]I'm daydreaming about a dessert I had recently - pear sorbet with a generous shot of Pear Williams liqueur poured over. OMNOMNOM.
Yum, alto!

I was daydreaming about baked potatoes yesterday. I had one, along with a huge sirloin steak and some broccoli last night for dinner. I think I put about 3 giant pats of butter and a massive spoonfull of sour cream on my potato. Later that night I had more steak that I sliced thin and put on two pieces of wheat bread with mustard. After that I had two Miller Lites and a few handfuls of tortilla chips and a Caramel Sundae from McDonalds that was in the freezer.

So today I'm not thinking of any food after that gorgefest. All I want is my stomach pumped.
posted by LoriFLA 15 July | 08:56
Something that takes no time to prepare or consume. I'm having one of those days where I may not get to break for lunch. (Ten-minute drive-bys on MeCha, though, I can manage!)
posted by BoringPostcards 15 July | 09:04
Gosh! This is weird. You caught me at an extremely rare moment when I am not daydreaming of food. Whoa.
posted by Wolfdog 15 July | 09:08
Salt-grilled St. Peter's fish (John Dory) on the terrace at פונדק הצלבנים, overlooking the Mediterranean from the ancient ruined city of Caesarea, surrounded by laughing friends after a morning of hitchhinking, beachcombing, and eyegazing. A glass of wine or maybe a Gold Star.

I could dream all day.
posted by Hugh Janus 15 July | 09:09
The fabulous salad I made last night and was hoping to have again for lunch until slacker boss just informed me that I have to go to a stupid two hour building committee lunch meeting at a bad restaurant with a lot of people I don't like who won't listen to me anyway since I have no apparent power.
posted by mygothlaundry 15 July | 09:12
Olives and crusty baguette and wine and muscat grapes and chevre and more wine. Must be served on a picnic in Italy.
posted by Specklet 15 July | 09:15
Must be served on a picnic in Italy.
It wouldn't suffice, a high plateau in the Blue Ridge on a clear day looking down at the James River?
posted by Wolfdog 15 July | 09:18
One of those Marks and Spencers things with chocolate-encrusted meringue shells in a kind of sandwich around whipped cream which they only seem to sell in packets of four.
posted by TheophileEscargot 15 July | 09:24
The sweet potato fries that I made as part of dinner last night.
posted by gaspode 15 July | 09:26
Smartfood popcorn.
posted by Melismata 15 July | 09:37
Patatas bravas and a big buttery croissant. And them maybe pirate's booty. With something chocolate afterwards.
posted by rmless2 15 July | 09:44
McDonalds. Mmmmmmm. Tonight I have McDonalds!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 July | 09:45
Nothing yet today, but yesterday I spent the day dreaming of eggplant parmigiana, then had it for dinner.
posted by amro 15 July | 09:49
Chichen liver paté. I will be making it tomorrow.

Mussels, in garlicky winey broth with plenty of bread and, on the side, a salad of dark greens tossed with roasted beets.

Steak tartare. Rare hamburger. Bloody-rare steak. Spinach. Lentils. Smoked clams.

Low iron levels? Why, yes --- how did you know?
posted by Elsa 15 July | 09:49
Delicious fried bar food and Long Islands.

I have been feeling the need for irresponsibility lately. I just have to wait until the end of the month, argh.
posted by sperose 15 July | 09:51
Only time I have had McDonalds in years and years and years was coming home from the Raleigh Paganfest a couple of months ago. It was a pretty vigorous four hours or so of concert, "vigorous" meaning I left there weighing a few pounds less than when I went in. There just happened to be a 24 hour McD's conveniently positioned on the way back so I stopped and got some fries and chicken nuggets and coffee (24 hours turns out to be the approximate amount of time it takes to prepare your order at that time of night, but never mind that). When the salt hit my body you could hear the opening strains of Also Sprach Zarathustra breaking the night. And maybe a little bit of the Hallelujah Chorus too.

The word "scarf" generally doesn't describe my approach to food, but that occasion? Oh my yes.
posted by Wolfdog 15 July | 09:51
the truffle fries I had up in Telluride. I normally don't crave fried food much but daggone those things were splendiferous.

the spendy dry italian salami and swiss I meant to make a faboo sammich out of, but was sadly running too late to bother, bah.

posted by lonefrontranger 15 July | 10:13
I made the food I was daydreaming about today - french toast with caramelized bananananas.

posted by gomichild 15 July | 10:22
Christ, dinner last night was fabulous. We had thick bloody steaks that had been left to marinate for hours. We had steamed rice with furikaki seasoning on top. We had asparagus sauteed with shitake mushrooms. Damn, it was soooo good. I am dreaming about it right now. I'm not gonna eat for hours, either. Boo. When I do eat, it's not going to be nearly as good.
posted by msali 15 July | 11:15
I have been craving hummus and baby carrots for days, I finally went to the store with the good hummus and I bought both those things and got home all ready to finally eat them -- and the damned hummus has a layer of mold on the top.

Sigh. The store is too far away to mess with an exchange right now, so I guess it's just carrots. :-(
posted by occhiblu 15 July | 13:23
The Reggie from Pine State Biscuits.

Biscuit, fried chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, gravy.

My heart hurts when I eat it. Is that bad?
posted by birdie 15 July | 14:01
Ever since I mentioned it here the other day, I have been dreaming (yes, really -- woke up this morning thinking about it) about red velvet cake. With cream cheese frosting studded with bits of pecan. And an ice-cold glass of whole milk....

French toast with caramelized bananas sounds yummy. With a light dusting of powdered sugar and a drizzle of honey...

*goes into psychosomatic diabetic coma*
posted by BitterOldPunk 15 July | 14:16
Hmm no honey or powdered sugar but there was some maple syrup involved...

*not helping*
posted by gomichild 15 July | 16:43
Sushi. I want sushi. I went to go get it last night but they were already closed. I am going now for sushi. mmmmmmmmmmmm raw.
posted by eekacat 15 July | 19:08
top sirloin, duh.
posted by trondant 16 July | 00:07
You've got Mii's on my dashboard. || I'm getting spammed on Skype and I found a gray hair.