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15 July 2008

There's a crazy woman screaming at our CEO in the office next to mine right now. Last time she was in, she threatened to kill one of my coworkers. That was about a year ago, and before her name could click in my brain and remind me to not let her in the building, a new coworker usherd her into her office even though she knew absolutely nothing about the situation. [More:]

I have a final interview at the General Services department of the State of Alaska tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited about the increased responsibility, the higher pay/benefits, and to get out of this craziness.

At the first interview with the woman currently in that position and another coworker. I already asked what the daily routine for the position was like, why the interviewer stayed there, and what the atmosphere of the office was like.

I will be seeing the same women again as well as the department manager tomorrow afternoon. What kind of questions should I ask in this second (and final) interview?
Woo! [MI] me, mods?
posted by rhapsodie 15 July | 18:18
Yikes! Crazy as in she might really do something? Or just average, run-of-the-mill crazy?

I'm not good at interviews (having been with the same company since God was a boy), but I'll wish you good luck, anyway!
posted by redvixen 15 July | 20:22
Woot! Congrats on the opportunity.

Ask questions that "assume" you already have the job/something that you would ask at a 6-month performance review... but less obvious. "Which of my skills do you (interviewer) see as being strong points." "I am looking to augment/improve/advance my abilities - In which areas should I focus."

That's just a suggestion. I am not terribly good at job interviews...

Best wishes for a great interview and successful outcome!
posted by mightshould 16 July | 07:14
Thanks! I got some good ideas from this AskMe. Am wearing a pencil skirt, pinstriped button-down and heels. I feel nervous and excited, but ready. 5 hours to go.
posted by rhapsodie 16 July | 11:53
Good luck, again! And bravo for your outfit choice. A week or so ago, a young woman came into my store wearing a plaid pencil skirt, a sleeveless blouse, and heels. She turned my head, she looked so nice. I wish I had the figure for a pencil skirt. 'Cept I'm built more like a magic marker.
posted by redvixen 16 July | 19:12
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