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14 July 2008

I just put 'nads on my face. [More:]

I bet you couldn't wait to click the 'Read More', could you. But no, I wasn't teabagged, but tidying up my eyebrows using what has got to be the most unfortunately-named beauty product ever.

Damn, it hurt. It hurt, it hurt, IT HURT! How the hell do women live through Brazilian waxes when just doing my eyebrows made me scream?

I am all packed, the flat is as clean as I can get it (people are coming in to feed Bailey and Lucy, so I needed to have it looking presentable, as opposed to its usual burglar-ransack look).

And, best of all, the aubergine that I had in the fridge and really didn't fancy having for dinner, grilled, has gone bad, so I've been forced - forced I tell you - to defrost some lamb koftas instead. So dinner will be nice, instead of just used-up leftovers. Lamb Koftas, grilled peppers, salad, Kalamata olives and feta, then raspberries and pineapple with Greek yoghurt for dessert. I'll have the other half of the pineapple and the rest of the yoghurt and my remaining banana for breakfast before I head off to Heathrow, boo-bound.
I almost got my brows waxed when I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago. The thought of maintenance gave me pause, though. Besides, I heard bushy eyebrows are making a comeback!

(Have a great trip, ej! Can't wait to see ya!)
posted by Pips 14 July | 13:25
have fun!!!!!
posted by By the Grace of God 14 July | 13:28
Ohhhhh. I tried Nads on my legs once in high school. Slather some lotion on and the hair is magically gone! It sounds too good to be true! That's because it is.

The stuff burned and burned and burned. I stood in the bathroom for a bit gritting my teeth hoping the burning would go away, but it never did. After I washed the crap off, it still burned, I was red and blotchy, and the hair? Was still there. Pretty awesome.

When I told my mom what had happened, she was all, "Yeah. You should have asked me about it. I could have told you." Thanks, Mom.
posted by rhapsodie 14 July | 13:29
I thought you still had to rip it off like wax though, rhapsodie? It doesn't just dissolve the hair like depilatory cream, right? Am I thinking of another product?
posted by gaspode 14 July | 13:32
Yeah, nads is the stuff that looks like honey, and you rip it off with little strips of cloth. The stuff you're talking about, rhapsodie, is called Veet in the UK. It stinks like rotten eggs too. Vile stuff.
posted by essexjan 14 July | 13:34
Nair is the depilatory stuff here in the US. Maybe that's what you're thinking of? It's awful.
posted by unsurprising 14 July | 13:37
My married daughter is having her first brazilian wax tomorrow. If you hear a scream coming from the great state of Virginia, relax, it's just her.

(Yeah, I'm wondering why she told me, too.)
posted by bunnyfire 14 July | 13:42
Nads have a facial wand?

But of course.
posted by stilicho 14 July | 13:45
OK, nads is awful. just awful. I wax, sometimes diy and sometimes I pay folks to do it, and that's a walk in the park on cloud filled shoes in comparison to nads.
Nads once managed to remove a 2" x 6" section of the top layer of my skin. While leaving the stubble poking up though the bloody mess.
posted by kellydamnit 14 July | 13:58
Nads... terrible. My sister and I saw the infomercial for it on tv when we were in high school and begged our parents to buy it for us. We were especially attracted to it because it was all natural and you could eat it (they did on tv).
So they relented and we got it.
Even spreading it on was painful because it was so sticky and pulled all your hairs and skin.
Ripping it off was awful.
We ended up eating more of it than we put on our legs. Didn't taste all that bad.
posted by rmless2 14 July | 14:27
The facial wand is actually pretty good at doing eyebrows, but, although I have a tub of the stuff, I've always been too chicken to use it on my legs.
posted by essexjan 14 July | 14:52
Such a promising thread devolved into yet ANOTHER Metachat female grooming discussion. . .

posted by danf 14 July | 15:13
Your "boo" better appreciate all this.
posted by chillmost 14 July | 15:16
Nads, Nair, pain. Er, yeah.

Slightly more related story:

I did get a full brazillian for the first time this spring, and the girl doing it was awful. My skin is really sensitive, but she was taking too long and the pain and... ugh. Once the owner stepped in and took over, it went much quicker and was less painful. I may even do it again.
posted by rhapsodie 14 July | 15:26
Nads hurts even more than an epilator, a Brazilian is at about half that on the d/epilation pain scale. I'm intrigued by threading - 5 at the little Indian beauty salon (accessed through the newsagents and upstairs) near my office, but I'm still yet to try it.

Have a great time, jan and boo!
posted by goo 14 July | 15:31
Your "boo" better appreciate all this.

He's a manly man full of manliness. Eyebrow grooming is pretty low down on his list of life's priorities.
posted by essexjan 14 July | 16:11
I love the fact that you linked to the wiki article for teabagging.
posted by CitrusFreak12 14 July | 17:23
I use Surgi Wax. I used to use Poetic wax but the people on AskMe told me Surgi Wax is the same thing as Poetic Wax and they are right. You don't need strips with Surgi Wax. There's green Surgi Wax and honey Surgi Wax. You heat both in the microwave. I like the green stuff best, but both are good.
posted by LoriFLA 14 July | 18:06
I'm intrigued by threading...

One day as I was idly reading, I was frogmarched out of the house by my sister who said to me "We're going to get our eyebrows done." I wondered, at the time, what she meant by "we" but thought nothing more of it - she doesn't like to do things alone so I figured I was just going to go there, sit in the waiting room, and come back. It was sort of inconvenient, but not at all unusual.

On this day, though, I was very wrong. We arrived, and my sister went off with her usual threader (?) and then she turned, pointed at me, and said "him too. Don't shape them, but tidy him up." Little did I know what was in store.

I got threaded.

It wasn't so bad, actually, consisting of individual sharp pains with little residual hurting and the strange sensation of tiny hairs landing haphazardly on your face (they are simultaneously removed and catapulted, it seemed) which was wholly unlike the time I got gaff tape on my arm and pulled a patch of arm hair off with it. The mechanics of the process are beyond me; I know that there the threads evict the hair from the follicle somehow and that the more taut your skin is (as you hold it), the less painful the whole event is.

The results? My eyebrow region was subtly tidier and I was freed of a developing unibrow I hadn't known about. Most people didn't notice, which I took as a good sign and on the whole it wasn't as bad as it could've been (see: George Michael, or Carrot Top).

I have no idea how waxing compares, and even less of a desire to find out.
posted by heeeraldo 14 July | 19:58
Nads! They used to have late night informercials for that stuff and they were hilarious. All these women with Australian accents saying things like, "I was so excited when my postman showed up with a sack full of Nads!"

I like waxing. It lasts longer than shaving and makes it easier to do the tricky parts, like my knees. Every now and then, though, I do something wrong and end up bruising the hell out of myself.

Oh, and I can't believe that someone actually took the time to write an entire wiki article about teabagging. That is one odd area of expertise.
posted by jrossi4r 15 July | 09:41
I have no idea how waxing compares, and even less of a desire to find out.
Threading seems akin to tweezing in the pain department, judging by your description. In which case, waxing hurts more. But it's one hurt, and then it's over three seconds later. Not ow... ow... ow... ow... ow for an extended period of time.
posted by kellydamnit 15 July | 22:59
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