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11 July 2008

Electronic "stun" bracelets for all airline passengers? Please, somebody tell me this is fake. (It is the Washington Times, after all.)
They're specially designed to fit quite comfortably around all but the thickest necks.
posted by Hugh Janus 11 July | 11:29
I have an implanted cardiac defibrillator, so I would not have to wear one. The airlines stand to lose a lot of money if these are implemented.
posted by Ardiril 11 July | 11:32
I wonder if people in business class will have to wear them. I can't really see it being a popular item amongst frequent fliers.
posted by cmonkey 11 July | 11:37
I'm sure it's a real device. And I find it horrifying, as well as terribly sad, that I have no difficulty thinking that someone in government service would even for a moment consider this a viable program for commercial airlines in the US. I would expect (and hope) international carriers to object violently.

I talked a big talk after a lot of the homeland "security" changes. Something like this would, in fact, prevent me from flying ever again. Amtrack had better step up to the plate.
posted by crush-onastick 11 July | 11:37
Ugh is all I can say.
posted by special-k 11 July | 12:51
Frequent fliers will have their chip injected under the skin.
posted by arse_hat 11 July | 13:08
It boggles the mind. I bet they'll make you pay a security deposit for it too.
posted by Meatbomb 11 July | 14:13
For fucks sake. I don't have any sort of problems with flying, but this is enough to make me just take my car everywhere.
posted by sperose 11 July | 14:23
Are you kidding? This is awesome! It means that if you can get a hold of the activation you can go on a flight and create comedy gold.
posted by plinth 11 July | 14:49
I just hope they make the pilots wear them, too. (They've been known to go rogue mid-flight, y'know.)
posted by Atom Eyes 11 July | 15:29
Better "security" through technology. I haven't been on a commercial airliner since years before The Nine Eleven Thing, and will continue to avoid them at all costs. If they can bring the price down by mass-production, I can see those things becoming a requirement to enter government buildings, amusement parks and sports arenas, even public transportation. Why not? It's a brave cowardly new world.
posted by wendell 11 July | 19:28
Castration jokes aside, || OMG bird!