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11 July 2008

Broadway = Parkway! [More:]Shutting down two lanes of traffic on Broadway in NY to make a pedestrian-only park.
So cool!
That area is such crap to drive through anyway, I doubt people will miss it. I hope this makes drivers avoid Bway altogether so the rest of it can become park too.
I think it sounds like a nice idea in theory, but it's just gonna make traffic in that area insane, and who wants to sit sipping coffee next to two lanes of smelly, honking cars?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 July | 10:05
It's a start. Broadway is a miserable street to bike down, crazier than most of the others, so I'm glad this is getting looked at. I've always thought the stretch of St. Mark, say 3rd Ave. to Tompkins Sq. Park, would be a great pedestrian-only area. Or what if Manhattan was moped-only?

I've noticed lots of new bikes lanes lately, in particular a long stretch of DeKalb Ave. in Brooklyn, which used to be a two-lane road. I have also noticed a lot more bikers out lately, which is great, but unfortunately it also means a lot more inexperienced bikers doing a lot more inexperienced things.

I really like that Bloomberg is into these green ideas (even if the results are not as "green" as they could be). Somebody's got to start doing things like this. We've also got these August "No-Car Zones" to look forward to.
posted by Hellbient 11 July | 10:39
I've always thought the stretch of St. Mark, say 3rd Ave. to Tompkins Sq. Park, would be a great pedestrian-only area.

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 July | 10:43
They're doing a lot of this in DC, too, which I think is great. My city council rep is leading the charge, so a lot of the measures are taking place in my own neighborhood; the first example given in the Washington Post article is my very street. I voted for the guy based on this issue, so I'm happy he's following through. He says he's tired of traffic policy being customized for out-of-district folks--he serves actual DC residents, so if they want traffic calming measures, he'll make it happen, even if it pisses off Maryland commuters.
posted by mrmoonpie 11 July | 10:50
If you're that wildman who grocery-carts half the city's garbage to his apartment on 5th St. between A and B -- the condor-wingspanned Gorton's fisherman crabbing out, "You guys got change?" to all and sundry -- then every street is a pedestrian-only area. The cars are just there to yell at.

Same goes for the white-clothed fellow with the paper strips in his hatbrim on Bowery down between Grand and Canal.
posted by Hugh Janus 11 July | 11:24
Kottke agrees with Hellbient and TPS about St. Marks:
"Looks like Bloomberg is going ahead with his battle against Manhattan car traffic without Albany's help. I can think of several more areas that could benefit from a full or partial closure...Bleecker St would make a great pedestrian mall, as would any number of streets in Chinatown. So would St. Mark's in the East Village. And while we're at it, close all the streets in Central Park to cars (except the transverses)."
posted by rmless2 11 July | 11:54
posted by Hellbient 11 July | 12:59
posted by Hugh Janus 11 July | 13:27
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