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11 July 2008

AskMecha: Tasty, fun, simple treat for overworked friend in SF? I'll be visiting friends up in SF and Berkeley next week and will be visiting someone who has essentially retreated into full-on-studying-all-the-time mode.[More:]

I'd like to pick something up for her in SF on my way to her house in Berkeley - ideally, this foodstuff will be portable, decadent, free of pork/shrimp, and simple; I'm leaning toward something sweet as well, like an uber-lux cupcake or something. Specifically, I'll be coming from Potrero Hill and she lives a block of so north of the Cal campus itself. Ideas?
SF cupcakes.

This place
gets some rave reviews too.

And cupcakes in Berkeley.
posted by essexjan 11 July | 14:53
Mission Pie!

They make great pies, and it's an excellent organization. They train at-risk youth how to bake, and they teach them how to grow food on their farm down the Peninsula. It's a great organization that makes tasty pies.

(Disclaimer: The baker/owner is a very good friend of the girlfriend.)
posted by mudpuppie 11 July | 15:17
I don't like the Love at First Bite cupcakes- they're too sweet and the cakes aren't really anything you can't make from a mix, imo. (I work on the same block and NEVER eat them, which tells you something.)

The Cheeseboard (in the same neighborhood) in the afternoon usually has incredibly chocolate cookies, though they've been known to sell out.

I also like many of Masse's (also in this neighborhood) single serving cakes. I'm not as excited about their cookies.

Going out of the neighborhood, I like Crixa Cakes, but mostly because I like their less-sweet floral pastries. If you like rose and orange blossom flavors, check out Crixa.
posted by small_ruminant 11 July | 17:20
ooo try Bakesale Betty's in North Oakland- if you're coming from SF it can be right on your way (you just take Shattuck or Telegraph or Martin Luther up instead of the freeway). I've had really yummy sweet things from there.

It's the one on the corner with the black awnings. (I don't think it has its name on the door.)
posted by small_ruminant 11 July | 17:27
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