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10 July 2008

What can be creatively done with about half a metre of hair? [More:]
For various reasons I've decided to chop my hair short. This will leave me with a piece of hair almost 50cms long and almost all of the same length.

Should I keep it to make a wig out of when I'm old? Make it into strings to hang necklaces from? Make paint brushes out of it?

Gomi, I thought you were in Japan. Throw it over your face, put on some pale make up, and make some J-horror.

You can also store it in your purse and drop single hairs in random places (like public washrooms) to gross people out.
posted by qvantamon 10 July | 01:53
posted by gomichild 10 July | 01:57
Donate it. And. It did good by a couple of friends children.
posted by arse_hat 10 July | 01:57
Unfortunately it can't be donated because it has seen several colourings (T_T).

* current colour is black/dark brown
posted by gomichild 10 July | 02:00
Well shit! Then dye your hair a different colour and carry the cut stuff in your purse for an occasional free lunch.
posted by arse_hat 10 July | 02:07
Sorry shoulda mentioned that in the initial post.
posted by gomichild 10 July | 02:13
If I were you, I would separate it into strands and weave it into a bracelet or an inlay for a jewelry box. Hair mementos are creepy old cool. I won't take much more than some lightweight metal to crimp it together in bands or panels. I don't find it too weird and creepy to make it into something to give the sprout, to signify this time of, well, sacrifice!
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 10 July | 02:14
key shain?
posted by puke & cry 10 July | 05:54
Seconding donate!
posted by Miko 10 July | 10:17
Miko she apparently can't donate coloured hair. Which kind of sucks but there you go.
posted by lonefrontranger 10 July | 10:22
Yeah I looked into donation a while ago and any chemically treated and or hair with grey in it is no good.
posted by gomichild 10 July | 11:16
Dang, when I chopped off that much hair in December I donated it right then and there. They are pretty strict with the type of hair they will take. I was sad that I didn't bring it home, at least for a photo, and mail it myself.

You could make a little pillow out of it. I love the paintbrush idea, and wonder if it would work for makeup brushes. Put it in a brooch and wear it on your lapel, claim it's from an ancient relative.
posted by rhapsodie 10 July | 13:45
Tape it to your armpits and run around your front yard flapping your arms and cackling.
posted by jonmc 10 July | 19:28
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