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04 July 2008

It's really creepy when _______ [More:]

It's really creepy when people walk around whistling. You aren't in a horror movie, and hopefully you won't be stabbing an icepick through one of my eyes, so don't do that. Especially don't do that in the stairwell where the whistling gets the reverb and I can hear it through the door and what the fuck is wrong with you.
My neighbor does this. It seems like it's to get attention. I don't like it, it gives me the willies.
posted by -t 04 July | 12:40
when your friends come over to free you from rat infestation hell and they move the refrigerator away from the wall and it turns out the rats have been living in the bottom of your fridge and there's all rat nest stuff in there and shit and your friends turn to you and say, "Want a beer? This is really bad. We're going to need to hit this on all fronts and it's going to take some time." And then they leave to go buy more weapons of rat mass destruction and it's just you and the rat nest, uncovered, and rats might leap out at any moment. so you sit at the computer and post like crazy, hoping you'll live through the next hour.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 July | 12:50
I hate whistlers who don't whistle a tune most of all. I have one customer at work who does this. Just God Awful whistling, random notes, all over the store. I want to pull my hair out.

Mygothlaundry - eeekkk!!!! Normally, I don't mind rats (and mice) but those are the domesticated variety. I believe I would be posting from the hallway (or better yet, the internet cafe down the street) if I were in your shoes.
posted by redvixen 04 July | 12:56
Being a veteran of the Get The Fuck Out Of My House You Stupid Creepy Scary Gross Rats wars myself, I have a great deal of sympathy for you, mgl. Beer, lots of beer, helps. So does turning the lights on in every room you enter and carefully looking around to see if one of them is going to come flying at you.

Fucking rats.
posted by cmonkey 04 July | 13:00
It's really creepy when that clown doll you bought in a thrift store comes to life at night.
posted by essexjan 04 July | 13:16
In the bottom of the fridge! Glad you found the nest, mgl. It's creepy but sort of a relief at the same time.

My father whistles. Mostly the Andy Griffith theme song and Suwannee River and some other stuff I cannot recognize. I cannot whistle.

I think it's kind of creepy that Charlie Crist is getting married. I thought he was gay. Will he be John McCain's VP?
posted by LoriFLA 04 July | 13:19
The fridge was nothing. You should see the giant hole they gnawed out under the (now defunct) stove. Holy shit. The whole house is now mined and the basement is full of poison. This is horrible.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 July | 14:06
Ack, mgl, posts like crazy DRINKING THE BEER I hope.

I can't whistle properly (loudly, either with fingers or without - I call it wolf-whistling), but I can do the weak tuneful whistling. Not the theme from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly though.
posted by goo 04 July | 14:09
I can do that. Really really badly. I sound like a tonedeaf girl serial killer.
posted by dabitch 04 July | 16:10
It's really creepy when _______

when you walk down the street behind me and to the left, just in the blind spot where I can't spot you with a casual glance over either shoulder or catch your the reflection in the shop windows, situating yourself a little closer than a stranger oughta be in this small, underpopulated city.

And especially it's creepy when you do this for a coupla blocks, adjusting your pace to mine as I speed up or slow down. I know I'm gray and limping and I look like the stringy old gazelle that you, the cheetah, can pick off from the pack, but I will fuck you up, mister stranger walking too close to me.
posted by Elsa 04 July | 16:11
It's really creepy when that clown doll you bought in a thrift store comes to life at night.

It's really creepy that you would buy a clown doll.

It's even creepier that you would buy it at the thrift store, which suggests it was someone's used, discarded, no doubt vengeful clown doll.

In honor of this awful, horrible, very bad idea, I give you The Actual Creepiest Thing* I Overheard On the Bus This Morning. *shudder* I still get the chills thinking about that.

*It won out over this.
posted by Elsa 04 July | 16:22
It's really creepy when someone makes a video of your improv performance and you suddenly realize you are in fact a 3,000-lb. man who fidgets and looks pissed off all the time.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 05 July | 10:04
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