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14 May 2008

How many levels are there anyway? Oy. I just heard another person say they're going to take (a thing) to "the next level."

How many frikkin levels are there? It must be a googolplex.[More:]

And while I'm riffing on cliches, how comes it that everything is "the best?" Where I come from, there can be only one "best." But somehow, "best" is spliced and glued and redefined into something else. Suddenly, everyone has 15 best friends and 25 best brands of cat litter.

At least two! The other one is called [more inside]!

posted by mudpuppie 14 May | 14:23
Or, famous. Everything can't be the most famous. World's Most Famous Beach, Most famous chili dog, etc.

I wonder who does sell the most famous chili dog. I am not aware of a famous chili dog.

I never say "the next level". I do say, "kick it up a notch", which is probably equally as annoying.
posted by LoriFLA 14 May | 14:28
Cincinnati's Skyline Chili makes a pretty famous chili dog. Or, for the New Yorkers, there's also Nathan's Famous.
posted by box 14 May | 14:34
I'm taking things to the previous level, cuz I'm retro like that.
posted by BitterOldPunk 14 May | 14:41
We now return you to your previously scheduled level, already in progress.
posted by occhiblu 14 May | 14:43
How many levels are there anyway?

posted by stynxno 14 May | 14:58
There are many levels but they are all turtles all the way down.
posted by arse_hat 14 May | 15:00
My criteria for "World Famous" is this:

If it's a restaurant, at least one person from at least three U.N. member countries must have eaten there and liked it. Papers must be signed. Photographs must be taken. None of this "Oh, this is my cousin Hildebarge visiting from Austria. He'll just have the water" crap being enough to put World Famous on the sign out front.

Oh, and if one of the eaters dies, you have to find a replacement. Sorry, them's the rules. All three have to be LIVING. And you must provide documentation. We need to call Hildebarge and Dmitry and Unte and verify this.

Lastly, if you're "World Famous since the turn of the century," consider modifying your sign, dammit!
posted by tcv 14 May | 15:28
Also, everything is "key" now and nothing is "the key". These are some really crummy locks that so many different keys can open.
posted by TheophileEscargot 14 May | 16:12
Levels always depend on the designers. Too many gets monotonous, but if you know the cheat codes you can level-jump and sometimes access the levels that were left out, or only for the dev's.
Depending on what game you're playing, you'll probably be stripped of weapons as well, so you'd better get that cheat too.
Then, armed with the chaingun and rocket launcher you can turn to the person and say, "Welcome to the next level. Did I mention it's deathmatch?" *boom* /taunt
posted by Zack_Replica 14 May | 16:20
When I was going to rave-y type events (before America squashed them), I used to enjoy asking particularly spaced-out looking people what level we were on. Or say things like "I'm pretty sure [the DJ] just took it to the next level. We're on 7, right?".

Also, a comment on superlatives.

Also, what's all this about being "on the same page"? What page? Just gimme a freakin' page number already, and I'll turn to it, otherwise shut the hell up. Life isn't a damn book. Heck, even if it were, I wouldn't even know what book we were talking about here. And I'm sure everyone would disagree on which book it was anyway, so there ain't no damn "same page". Spice of life is we're all on different pages. Fascist.
posted by Hellbient 14 May | 16:37
Hellbient is right. We're all on different pages.

And I don't want to be Mr. or Ms On Any Levvil.
posted by tangerine 14 May | 17:22
The Hoff takes underwear to the next level

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Doohickie 14 May | 18:55
How many levels are there anyway? Oy. I just heard another person say they're going to take (a thing) to "the next level."

Especially, though not necessarilly, if you heard this in a cubicle farm, I should remind you that (as Dante reminds us) there are nine levels in Hell.

In your case, however, that to which the speaker was referring may be best determined by asking him/her how many levels exist in his/her favorite video game.

/snooty tone.



[Okay, NOW /snooty tone (e.g. "addendum") .]

Post post scriptum: Isn't eerie how much the "little Hoff" looks like the Hoff's penis, at least until it grows large and takes his place?
posted by shane 14 May | 20:19
I think that's the point, shane, regarding "Little Hoff".

And there's only one level. This one. No more, no less.
posted by deborah 14 May | 21:55
My favorite corporate-speak phrase: drinking the kool-aid.

Because it's usually meant to refer to the kind of collective "thinking" that engenders corporate-speak in the first place.

It's sort of the opposite of "thinking out of the box" (vs. outside of the box) -- which, taken literally, means exactly the opposite of what most people take it/use it to mean.

Wow, it is indeed getting weirdly Hoffish in here, isn't it . . . ?
posted by treepour 14 May | 22:05
Don't you remember Level 42? I don't think there was a 'next level' after that.
posted by wendell 14 May | 23:20
Anteater eating whipped cream from a spoon || You really don't want to click this.