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20 April 2008

So have any of y'all tried Rifftrax yet? Is is funny? [More:] I loved MST3K and think this is a really cool idea for a project. But at the same time, I wonder to what extent MST3K's successful humor was tied to the ungodly awfulness of the movies they picked. Which is not to say that the blockbusters chosen by Rifftrax are good, but...y'know. They're not unmitigated, no-budget shitbombs.

That said, on non-preview, woah! Weird Al's on the Jurassic Park one?!
Gah, I told myself to remember to go back and plug in the Rifftrax link.

THIS IS THE RIFFTRAX LINK. Rifftrax is an MST3K-like project from some of the MST3K folks, except that you download the commentary track and play it along with the DVD, thus freeing them from copyright issues and allowing them to riff on whatever movie they want.
posted by 2or3whiskeysodas 20 April | 09:22
I watched the one they did for Roadhouse, but I have to say even though some of the jokes were funny, it just didn't quite work. I don't know if all the rifftrax are like the one I watched but the Roadhouse RT just had Mike. I pictured him sitting there making fun of movies all alone in the cold vacuum of space, with noone, not even his bots.
posted by nola 20 April | 09:46
My boyfriend watched a few of them. And, uh, that's all I know about it. Not that helpful, I know.
posted by rhapsodie 20 April | 11:31
I've watched nearly all of the RiffTrax (refused the latest one with Lileks - I'm not giving money to that propagandist), and I love them. Personally I think that this kind of riffing is far better on this modern (mostly) action films. A lot of these films I just don't bother to see as well they just look craptacular so the RiffTrax give me an excuse to keep up on modern action/adventure/etc films. That said the best ones are definitely Mike with somebody else. Mike/Kevin/Bill being the best - it pretty much is like late MST. The duo ones are good as well especially Mike/Kevin and I've been impressed with some of the unexpected ones Mike/Neil Patrick Harris was surprisingly good.

What I think really works with RiffTrax is that it is pure Riffing without all the other bits of MST and the movies are the real unediting thing. They show us that B movies are still with is, and are pretty much promoted (and budgeted) as mainstream movies. When I first started with RiffTrax I grabbed a couple for movies I actually owned, which made it a pretty cheap experiment. After I got hook the combination of RiffTrax and Netflix proved golden.

A couple of suggestions:
Star Wars Episode 1 - the best of the three Prequel Riffs
Battlefield Earth - there is so much to riff this could be a continuous wall of voices
Island of dr. Moreau - Netfilx it.
X-Men - The best of the comic book movie Riffs though Spiderman is good too
Willy Wonka - Neil Patrick Harris does good
300 - The over the top camp of this is brilliant.

The shorts are worth grabbing too, they made for great MSTs back in the day.
posted by kodama 20 April | 15:12
The 300 Rifftrax is absolutely fantastic. I've also seen Ep. 1, but I was rather intoxicated at the time and honestly didn't get much out of it. (Actually, come to think of it, that's probably not a bad policy for watching Star Wars prequals.)

Also worth mentioning is Wizard People, Dear Reader, which, if you're not familiar with it, is an alternate audio track for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and is ridiculously hilarious. Also, free.
posted by The Pusher Robot 21 April | 00:16
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