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01 March 2008

Why the goddamn hell did I click on that.
posted by iconomy 01 March | 18:53
Yeah, fuck that.
posted by Prospero 01 March | 19:17
What kind of spider is that?
posted by CitrusFreak12 01 March | 19:22
I want to be told that this spider doesn't live anywhere in North America, because if it does it can eventually reach my house.

So tell me that it doesn't live anywhere in North America!
posted by iconomy 01 March | 19:28
What kind of spider is that?

It's the Giant Pennsylvania Spawn Spider, I believe ...
posted by essexjan 01 March | 19:38
posted by iconomy 01 March | 20:16
You know, there are very, very few animals that squick me out, but even my stomach did a little flip when I saw that. Wow.
posted by Specklet 01 March | 20:33
Oh. My. Oh, oh my.

The caption made it marginally less stomach twitching.

posted by bunnyfire 01 March | 20:53
Ugggggggggh. What The Fuck Desjardins.
posted by SassHat 01 March | 20:57
Okay, I haven't clicked through, so I'll have to guess what caption would ameliorate the apparently potent visceral response:

Shown at 1000x magnification!

This carefully fashioned cast-latex replica of a long-extinct species of spider resides at the London Museum of Arachnids.

Local confectioner lovingly crafts spun-sugar spider effigies for Halloween treats.
posted by Elsa 01 March | 21:02
Aw,'re wonderful. I'm going with the second one. I like the "long extinct" part especially.
posted by iconomy 01 March | 21:04
I wasn't an arachnophobe until I saw that!
posted by youngergirl44 01 March | 21:30
I just send my husband and sister the link in an email. The subject line reads: This is so cute!

posted by LoriFLA 01 March | 21:33
I just send my husband and sister the link in an email. The subject line reads: This is so cute!


You? Have a mean streak a mile wide. Ha!
posted by bunnyfire 01 March | 22:07
posted by SassHat 02 March | 02:49
desjardins, did i ever tell you how much i hate you? huh? huh? HUH?
oh god they're all over me!! somebody get them off!! aieeeeee
posted by ramix 02 March | 03:09
LOLOLOL @ Lori! You're cruel! Cruel, I say!

there's no way in hell I'm clicking that link. and I will be very suspicious of any cute posts from LoriFL in the future.
posted by chewatadistance 02 March | 06:40
Wow! Someone needs to clean their house. why is my whole body itching....? Eeeeeeeeek! What's that!? OMG! a crumb. Phew.
posted by dabitch 02 March | 10:13
I think I tracked down the kind of spider it might be. Wolf spider. Bad news for North Americans "Wolf spiders are perhaps the most common Kentucky spiders and are found in all corners of the state and in virtually every habitat. They live by the thousands in leaf litter and grassy areas. " and Italians as they're found all over Italy as well.
Wolf spiders probably got their name from the way that they catch their prey. Instead of catching prey in a web, wolf spiders stalk and chase their prey like a wolf. In addition, the root word "lycos" in "Lycosidae" (the scientific family name for wolf spiders) is Greek for "wolf." The name has been around for a long time: the ancient Greek writer and philosopher Aristotle mentioned the "wolf spider" in his History of Animals, written in 350 BC.

posted by dabitch 02 March | 10:19
Jeez, it's not like I didn't warn you people.
posted by desjardins 02 March | 14:31
We have wolf spiders where I live (very close to "the woods"). I'm not a fan of spiders, especially large ones. But a wolf spider walked across the living room floor one night, and I sceeched.

I was in the bathroom another night, brushing my teeth, while my husband was getting into bed. I heard him scream like a girl. Scream. Like a girl. A loud scream.

Wolf spider.

In the bed.

I hate wolf spiders.
posted by Savannah 02 March | 16:04
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