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24 February 2008

It's five o'clock somewhere. Glug.
It's been Sunday all day. Glug glug glug.
posted by chrismear 24 February | 11:46
I'm promoting my new recursively-acronymized linux users group.

posted by cortex 24 February | 11:58
Dude it's 18:01 here. HAPPY HOUR!!!
posted by dabitch 24 February | 12:01

*giggles uncontrollably at cortex GLUG*
posted by dabitch 24 February | 12:02
It's noon here. But it's my day off. I had another close encounter with Richard price the other day, BTW. A guy in his twenties was selling books yesterday and Clockers was among them. To make conversation, I mentioned that he was my favorite author. He said that he had gone to high school with Price's daughter and that Price was a 'weird, quirky kind of guy.' I told him to say hi for me, which is the same thing I said when I met Price's editor. I keep coming into the fringes of the orbits of my idols, (see: Handsome Dick Manitoba*) yet I am at a loss as to how to turn it to my advantage somehow, which is probably just as well.

*who in a convoluted way is in the orbit of both Price and Springsteen as well. I even ran into a high school friend of mine recently. Turns out he works at Sirius Satellite radio doing something low-level techie (both Manitoba and Little Steven from Springsteen's band have shows there). I mentioned that I had lloked into working there. He said that they weren't hiring for anything, which is just as well. At the end of the day, I'm, as Price put it, a below-decks-bozo because that's where I belong and ultimately I think I'm kind of happy there)
posted by jonmc 24 February | 12:11
I'm off to buy a couple of bottles of Spanish wine, to oil my wheels for making fun of celebrities arriving on the red carpet at the Oscars. Also, tonight is the night I traditionally do my taxes. Glug glug!
posted by steef 24 February | 12:53
Ugh, no glug for me. Too early.
posted by msali 24 February | 12:54
I did all my glugging yesterday. I hate you, bloody mary martini. I hate you and I love you.
posted by mister 24 February | 13:08
it is merely 2pm, here, and I am at work until 6. Bah.
posted by heeeraldo 24 February | 16:56
"He had no particular talent or skill, or what was worse, he had a little talent, some skill: playing the lead ina basement-theater production of The Dybbuk sponsored by 88 Forsyth House two years ago, his third small role since college, having a shaort story published in a now-defunct Alphabet City literary rag last year, his fourth in a decade, neither accomplishment leading to anything; and this unsatisfied yearning for validation was starting to make it near impossible for him to sit through a movie or read a book or even case out a new restaurant, all pulled off by those his age or younger, without wanting to run face-first into a wall." - Lush Life, Richard Price.

The key to avoiding this? Cut that stupid yearning off and face facts. Not everybody is exceptional. Most people aren't. So the odds are that you aren't and chances are you'll sve yourself a lot of aggravation accepting that sooner rather than later.
posted by jonmc 24 February | 21:24
De-lurk-ify || My word, but it's windy here.