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20 February 2008

drool-alert level: High. How good does that look? "Very, very good, indeed," is the correct answer. [More:]

I think I'm going to make this Black Olive Cake to go with soup and salad. What kind of soup would you serve it with?

Also, I bet you could play with this recipe a lot for interesting variations. I once had something like this with leek that was heavenly, though I think it was made with cornmeal, or a flour and cornmeal mix.

But canola oil in this recipe? I don't think so. I'll be using olive oil, natch.

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posted by taz 20 February | 04:45
Oh boy. I need to start cooking again.
posted by chrismear 20 February | 04:47
Okay, not exactly what I had, but also looking super yum: Leek and Shiitake Spoonbread from Rachel Ray.

I also found this Southwest Corn Spoonbread, and a Feta and Fresh Herb Cake. Finally, The Undercovered Savory Cake.

And while we're here and talking about olives, let me just link to the Salad Nicoise recipe at the French Foodie blog, for the hell of it. It's been ages since I've made this - ever since I lost my wonderful, but rather complicated and time-consuming recipe. Maybe I'll try this simple version.
posted by taz 20 February | 05:27
Wow, that looks fabulous. I'd serve it with a butternut squash soup.
posted by essexjan 20 February | 05:30
posted by goo 20 February | 07:15
Oh, that was cruel, with hours to go before lunch here.
posted by omiewise 20 February | 09:35
Oooo I need to make the olive bread!!

One of the most delicious sorta sweet breads ever is the zucchini bread that mdonley made a couple of months ago and linked to here. It gets made weekly now in my house - son and husband clamor for it and have it for breakfast with coffee, and for lunch with gobs of butter on it. I had a snitch of it once and it's truly really excellent (I don't eat doesn't like me). When you first take it out of the oven it's soft inside and has a light crunchy layer on the outside, like a fresh chocolate chip cookie that's just starting to cool.

I'm going to make the olive bread for my husband, and maybe the cornmeal bread too....hmmm. I love making them even though I don't eat them.
posted by iconomy 20 February | 09:45
Oh man, just when I'm going on a 3 week diet where I can't have such things. (eek drinks his blueberry protein shake)
posted by eekacat 20 February | 10:03
This *Europe* place I have read about. Is the food good there?
posted by danf 20 February | 11:00
can you repost the zucchini bread recipe iconomy?
posted by Mrs.Pants 20 February | 13:26
How can you bake things like that and not eat them?!

posted by Specklet 20 February | 13:30
This is why I'll be voting McCain in 2008 || Depressed