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17 November 2007

You haven't truly lived until you've watched somebody get roundly cursed out by a wild-eyed Eastern European woman, I think.[More:] Today, the store was crazy busy, and as I was at the buyer's desk unloading boxes with my boss Neil (a man best described as a small graying pit bull with a New York accent that could slice tempered steel) when we noticed a woman standing in the aisle blocking the pathway to both the information desk and our buyer's area. Erin, our large West Indian female security guard went over and politely asked her to move. The lady started shouting. She had a huge head of gray hair blown out into a sort on neo-Seahag look accented with a gigantic pink bow, for jauntiness, I guess. Neil sauntered over to quiet things down and said loudly, 'Lady, your blocking traffic, you can't be here.' In a thick Eastern European accent she bellowed 'NO! IT IS YOU WHO CAN'T BE HERE!! YOU NEED TO BE SOMEWHERES ELSE!!' 'OH YEAH?' NEAL YOU COUNTERED 'YOU NEED TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE, YOU NEED TO GET THE HELL OUTTA MY STORE!' and pointed at the door. 'OH YEAH,' the lady said staring at both of them, 'FOCK YOU BOT'!! and walked out into the night.

I've decided that 'FOCK YOU BOT'!' is my new all-purpose rejoinder to life in general.

Also, stickycarpet dropped by and we went out for subs. That was cool.

What did you have on your sub? I know that it was good.
posted by youngergirl44 17 November | 19:56
That sounds like it was thrilling.
posted by CitrusFreak12 17 November | 19:58
I had a Black Angus steak sub at quiznos minus onions and mushrooms and with bacon and banana peppers.
posted by jonmc 17 November | 20:00
FOCK YOU BOT -- I will use this now.
posted by psho 17 November | 21:16
Personally, Irish ladies scare (and thrill!) the hellouta me. All "Fookin' this" and "fookin' that." They seem trained in the deadly art of frying pan gung fu, too, if they're not just supernaturally skilled at lightning speed groin kicks. Not that I'd go out of my way to piss off an Irish girl, but it really really doesn't take much.

Scots are about the same. But they can drink more. Believe it or not.
posted by shane 17 November | 21:36
Now that you mention it, Eastern European women are pretty fascinating too.

Not to mention Greeks. I had a Greek friend (in America) who would go out with his girlfriend and drink and argue politics and philosophy for hours till they almost came to blows. I think it was foreplay.

But I shouldn't stereotype.
posted by shane 17 November | 22:42
You're right, shane, it doesn't take much to piss off an Irish girl. ;^)
My husband says it's a good day if we get home from an outing with me only wanting to kill three or four people.
posted by redvixen 18 November | 15:48
pic sort of related:

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by pieisexactlythree 18 November | 18:40
What proportion of your television channels are currently displaying violence? || MeFi folks have funny hair.