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22 October 2007

I HAZ SPEKZ!!! [More:]

These actually arrived on Saturday, but I've had my hands full all weekend.
here's the real proof, since I know you'll ask:

≡ Click to see image ≡

seriously sucky photo but I'm too lazy busy to go set up the tripod kthx.
posted by lonefrontranger 22 October | 21:00
here's a bonus pic, just because I was uploading them (too late for Photo Friday's 'quiet' theme, alas...)

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by lonefrontranger 22 October | 21:02
Wow. Those kick ass!
posted by eamondaly 22 October | 21:07
Are they any good?
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane 22 October | 21:41
They look great, lfr! I love the shape of those frames. Alas, my face is too round for that style.
posted by deborah 22 October | 21:46
posted by box 22 October | 21:48
gnfti, i spent the whole day in them @ work today; they are comfortable, the prescription is dead accurate and I suffered no headaches, 'break-in' or adjustment period, even rode the bike home with them on.

haven't had a new set of specs for nigh on fifteen years, done mainly contacts (which I do prefer, but need a break from from time to time).

they're a little narrow (horizontally, that is) for general cycling use, but not dreadfully so. if your question was quality related, then I certainly have no complaints.
posted by lonefrontranger 22 October | 21:49
posted by rainbaby 22 October | 22:08
I love the frames. You look beautiful. They're almost like Ashleigh Banfield's, but better.
posted by LoriFLA 22 October | 22:11
*blushes* aw, gee thanks for all the awesome compliments bunnies!

Lori, the best part is that frames, Rx, shipping and the whole enchilada was just forty ducats from the linky up top. Praise be to MeFi.
posted by lonefrontranger 22 October | 22:18
I love 39! I've bought more than a few frames from this site for my kids. My vision is good, but when the macular degeneration kicks in I'm buying frames like these.
posted by LoriFLA 22 October | 22:22
Very sharp! They really suit you. 'Course it helps that you're lovely to start with :)
posted by elizard 22 October | 22:29
Actually, that's not a sucky photo. I'd think the manufacturers would want photos of such normal, hawt peoples advertising their wares. It's a neato self portrait, and you should be proud.
posted by eekacat 22 October | 22:31
Be still, my beating heart!
posted by CitrusFreak12 22 October | 23:44
Be still, my beating heart!
posted by CitrusFreak12 22 October | 23:44

I KNEW you'd love my shopping cart! amirite?! your words of admiration are for my gorgeously moody, rusty, crusty, sad, abandoned shopping-cart picture... right? right?!

hm. well afterall, yanno I **did** shoot that particular pic with your 'quiet' theme in mind, CF :)
posted by lonefrontranger 23 October | 00:10
It's a little underexposed, but it is in no way a bad self-portrait. Obligatory come-on line:

Nice specs. They'd look great on my nightstand.

posted by chuckdarwin 23 October | 04:02
Forgive me, lfr. Your picture is very nice (and fits the quiet theme perfectly!). I'm hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for being distracted from it.

Huge LOL at chuckdarwin.
posted by CitrusFreak12 23 October | 10:16
They do suit you very well, lfr! You look great!
posted by chewatadistance 23 October | 10:27
posted by jrossi4r 23 October | 10:30
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