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30 September 2007

This will not Wend-ell ! Happy birthday old man !!!
Yay! Happy, happy, Wendell!
posted by jrossi4r 30 September | 00:13
Many happy returns, Wendell.
posted by paulsc 30 September | 00:19
Happy birthday!!
posted by CitrusFreak12 30 September | 00:21
Happy Birthday! (For the 3rd time)
posted by gomichild 30 September | 00:24
Smiley toilet, diesel-toes!
posted by mullacc 30 September | 00:29
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Happy birthday, to one of the coolest bunnies out there!
posted by BoringPostcards 30 September | 00:44
I agree, this may not Wend-ell.

In any event, Happy happy birthday!!
posted by Sil 30 September | 01:01
Happy Wendell-day, Wendell!

posted by jason's_planet 30 September | 01:42
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This will not what? Who's Wendell?

jk. Kisses and hugs on ur birthday, sweetie
posted by taz 30 September | 01:47
Every good wish for a wacky and wonderful Wendellday!
posted by scody 30 September | 02:06
Wishing you a Wendell-ful Birthday!!!
posted by hadjiboy 30 September | 02:30
Thanks for all the (End) Well Wishes Everybody!!!
I think I gained two pounds from taz's virtual cake

Just got back from seeing George Carlin prove that it is possible to be funny when you're even older than I am: not all that easy, but possible. Out of his 75-minute 'all-new-material-for-his-next-HBO-special' set, 45-minutes were big enough laughs for me to check for my inhaler several times; the other 30 were either more like a sociology lecture randomly punctuated with 'fuck' or sounded strangely like somebody else's material. But I highly recommend his routines on The Joys of Being an "Old Fuck", the craft of joke-telling (using three genuinely disgusting but funny jokes), a not-so-new but fresh five minutes on bad and good bumper stickers (the best: "If you don't pray in my school, I won't think in your church"), the expectations we place on dead people ("he's looking down on us and smiling... unless he went to hell, then he's looking up at us and screaming in pain") and honest reactions to people showing off their kids' pictures ("You rarely see a head like that...")
posted by wendell 30 September | 02:31
Happy birthday wendell.

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posted by essexjan 30 September | 02:35
Happy Birthday!
Was good to visit with you in IRC.
posted by lilywing13 30 September | 03:31
Happy happy happy happy happy hoopy hopey hockey hackey
posted by SassHat 30 September | 04:31
Happy Birthday wendell, you cuddly thang you.
posted by WolfDaddy 30 September | 06:40
Woo! Happy birthday!
posted by TheDonF 30 September | 07:11
ooh. happy birthday, mr. wendell, sir.
posted by brina 30 September | 07:24
Happy Birthday Wendell!
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 07:36
Happy Birthday, ya crazy ol' bastard!

My name is Wendell!
I have a website!
It's name is MeCha!
Hi Mecha!
posted by jonmc 30 September | 08:20
This is my "Happy birthday, Wendell" comment. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. Many happy returns, crazy uncle wendell!
posted by Eideteker 30 September | 08:48
Hoppy Wishes Wendell!
posted by rainbaby 30 September | 09:43
aw, wendell you bastard! why didn't you say something in IRC?

(and thanks for your take on Carlin, I so wish I'd been there to see it)

happy birthday to the guy who knows more about shitty 80's music than any sane person should admit to.
posted by lonefrontranger 30 September | 10:09
Happy Birthday to one of my fave cybercalifornians. . .
posted by danf 30 September | 10:55
Happy, Happy!
posted by brujita 30 September | 11:36
Happy Birthday, Endwell!
posted by iconomy 30 September | 12:10
Happy, Happy Birthday!
posted by redvixen 30 September | 12:20
Birthday: Happy. Make it so. Now step back and shield your eyes before this message self-destructs.
posted by shane 30 September | 12:33
Happy Birthday!!
posted by MonkeyButter 30 September | 13:15
Uh oh, it's time for BIRTHDAY WHUFFLES!!!
posted by Specklet 30 September | 14:13
I hate to have to follow birthday whuffles, but I got here a little late,, Happy Birthday Wendell!
posted by richat 30 September | 14:28
Happy birthday!
posted by casarkos 30 September | 14:55
Hoppy Burfday!!
posted by deborah 30 September | 14:58
Hippy bidet!
posted by me3dia 30 September | 15:55
Happy birthday Wendell!
posted by phoenixc 30 September | 16:17
Finally I make it to someone's birthday post on the right day! Happy birthday Wendell!

I'm glad George C. came through for you. (I remember when you were trying to figure out which show to see, and in all seriousness I'd been wondering whether it had happened yet, whether you'd enjoyed it, &c.)
posted by tangerine 30 September | 16:49
Happy Birthday, old man. And for what it's worth, when I found that Macintosh floppy disks were allowed to have names attached to them (in 1984), I named one of my first ones 'Wendell'.
posted by plinth 30 September | 18:24
Happy Birthday!
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 30 September | 19:21
Happy birthday, wendell!
posted by interrobang 30 September | 22:28
Um, Happy day after Birthday. Happy Year!
posted by mightshould 01 October | 07:11
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posted by Hellbient 01 October | 09:45
Happy Happy B-day, my fellow O.F!

Wooticus wooticus!
posted by bunnyfire 01 October | 15:30
Goddammit. || Rime Time, Part Deux