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24 September 2007

Vintage Decals: what to put them on? What did your gran do? I'm recently enamored of vintage decals. My first package made it onto my laptop and a carabinered flask, but I can't think of what a large one such as this one I'm coveting (I love swans) could go on. Where have you seen decals? I can think of:
Kitchen Canisters & Bottles, and Trays. Help?
Where did you get the Dharma sticker?

If I come across a cool sticker or decal, I usually stick it in my sticker folder in hopes of springing it on the perfect item.

The best I've ever come across was an old Civil Defense one that was to be used on Civil Defense gear. It was huge, yellow, had the CD logo with text along the lines of "This item is property of the Civil Defense forces and is only to be used for Civil Defensy type things." I had it on my old guitar amp.
posted by drezdn 24 September | 16:27
Oh I love them! That swan is killer. My favorite two places are kitchen cabinet fronts and chair backs. Some chair backs are perfect places for decals.

Toilet seat lids are awesome too ;)
posted by iconomy 24 September | 16:29
posted by box 24 September | 16:30
Also, I've wanted to add "No Step" decals to my vehicle but I've never brought myself to do it. It would complete my high level of GI Joe nerdery.
posted by drezdn 24 September | 16:44
I'm always tempted to make my cars/trucks look like fleet vehicles, but they're never nice enough. If your fleet vehicle's going to be all beat up, it's got to be either a white van or a Crown Vic.
posted by box 24 September | 16:48
My 84 year old co-worker informs me that the glass door of a shower or bathtub enclosure is a great place for fish or shell decals. I love her.
posted by iconomy 24 September | 17:07
A long time ago i put a Winnie the Pooh sticker some raver kids decided i needed to have over the logo corner of my television, "because every channel is poo."
i always end up putting things on file boxes, end tables, hardcases, stereos and general appliances.
posted by ethylene 24 September | 17:18
Is 5 mbps fast? || *sigh* attempt to legislate common sense goes awry, news @ 11