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24 September 2007

In this post (and the thread therewith attached), chrismear last-minute-organises his October East Coast tour: in which (the tour) he visits a couple of places in the middle of Vermont, and the cities of Boston and New York!; by which (the post) he petitions the bunnies in the audience for sofas on which to sleep!; wherein (the thread) he encourages discussion of meetups in the places aforementioned! [More:]

So, I will be in the following places on the following dates:

Mon 1st to Fri 5th: Tunbridge/Bethel, Vermont
Fri 5th to Sun 7th: Boston, Massachusetts
Sun 7th to Thurs 11th: New York City, New York

and I am looking forward to meeting lots of bunnies/MeFites!

terrapin, turtlegirl and jessamyn have graciously offered to put up with me put me up while I'm in Vermont -- thanks, guys!

I would be very grateful to any bunnies in the vicinity of my other stops who could lend me a place to sleep while I'm visiting you and your fine locales. As DaShiv so delicately put it, "fish and houseguests start to stink after three days", so I'd only want to impose for a couple of nights at a time.

I'm a very easy-going guest. House-trained, even. You'll hardly notice I'm there. Unless you want to. What do you say?

As far as 'official' meetups go:

We are looking at Friday 5th for a Boston-area meetup, since wimpdork is in town too! Venue ideas?

Something will be happening in Vermont in the days preceding that, but the details are still being discussed.

And NYC -- you guys clearly have far too few meetups going on, so how about throwing one that week? Date/venue completely open. Thoughts?

Yaaaaay, tour! Yaaaaay, bunnies! (And a huge hug to my sweetheart Wilder for pushing me to do this and helping to make it happen. Yaaaaaaaay, Wilder!)

You can sleep on my couch any time, chris.
posted by taz 24 September | 17:24
One more week! We are excited and looking forward to your visit!
posted by terrapin 24 September | 18:59
You get a full guestroom at my house, and I think at terrapin's too. Couches are for city folk. also: yay!
posted by jessamyn 24 September | 19:56
I have a couch, and I am fairly convenient to Boston (commuter rail convenient, not subway convenient). You can ask Fuzzbean for references; she stayed with me and survived. My wifi is apparently temperamental, though.
posted by Eideteker 24 September | 20:00
=/ I'd offer if I actually had a couch for you to sleep on. Instead you'd be sleeping on the cold, cold floor with some cheap Ikea cushions to keep you company (but they're pretty). Sorry man, but we'll totally hang. Just as long as the meetup isn't on Oct. 11th...
posted by kkokkodalk 24 September | 21:52
When are you coming in on Sunday?

We can't put you up, sorry (just no room) but those days I have exactly Sunday afternoon and Monday night to hang out. Fingers crossed something good will happen...
posted by gaspode 24 September | 22:02
I'm going to PJ Harvey on the 10th...sorry I can't put you up, but my place is only now in the process of being made livable. I look forward to seeing you!
posted by brujita 25 September | 00:46
Eideteker, that would great, many thanks! I'll drop you an email.

gaspode, I'll probably be getting the first express train down from Boston on Sunday, getting into New York in the early afternoon. We could totally do something on Sunday or Monday!

Just realised, I got my last date wrong -- I actually fly out of NYC on the evening of Thursday 11th, not Friday 12th. Admin, please hope me? (Also, kkokkodalk, this guarantees that the meetup will not happen on the 11th, yaaay!)
posted by chrismear 25 September | 05:43
fixed, I think! Is it right, now?
posted by taz 25 September | 06:08
Perfect, taz, thankee!
posted by chrismear 25 September | 06:12
jessamyn is correct. You will be staying in the lovely luxury suite here at the Turtle Ranch, with your own room and your own full bathroom (shower). Lovely views of the Green Mountains. Chocolates on the bed are negotiable, but don't let the dogs get them :)
posted by terrapin 25 September | 06:27
I'm in for a Boston meetup, yippee!! I'm on the Cambridge side of the river so I'd of course prefer a venue closer to me, but I'm up for whatever.
posted by initapplette 25 September | 09:07
... and if the place had a piano so chrismear could serenade us, so much the better.
posted by initapplette 25 September | 10:46
Yay! I'm in for Friday, the 5th! Just let me know when and where.

Hooray for chrismear!
posted by wimpdork 25 September | 12:19
I already suggested to Chris in an e-mail that we could do something on Moody St in Waltham (folks seemed to like Watch City Brewery), or the Super 88 again, with pool @ Big City afters. I'm going to let him handle the MetaTalk post.
posted by Eideteker 25 September | 19:01
I have popped a Boston meetup thread up on MetaTalk, so as to open this up to the MeFi crowd.
posted by chrismear 25 September | 20:47
Okay, Monday 8th October is looking good for an NYC meetup, according to the people I've spoken to! Howzat sound to everyone?

Also, I forgot that MetaTalk has a seven-day posting wait, and I've used mine up posting about the Boston meetup -- any chance someone could do me a favour and post an NYC meetup thread up there?
posted by chrismear 29 September | 06:48
I think it's only 4 days, but if no one else steps forward, I'll put my best foot forward (since you used yours for Boston, it's the least I can do for NYC).
posted by Eideteker 29 September | 06:58
I can make that....I'd suggested Jacques Torres, but it closes at seven (other chocolate places you'll want to hit are Li-Lac and the Chocolate Bar).

Please, NOT Revival!...I can't think of a place that lets patrons play the piano, but given it's a Monday, Hi-Fi won't be too crowded.
posted by brujita 29 September | 12:27
*sigh* attempt to legislate common sense goes awry, news @ 11 || How cute are these?