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26 July 2007

What's your favourite The Onion-comes-to-life story? Mine's inside....

[More:]In their brilliant 9/11 issue, The Onion ran a story entitled, "Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman Bakes American-Flag Cake".

A few months later, I was grocery shopping one evening and half-listening to the Delilah radio program playing over the store's PA system. Delilah is a syndicated radio host who plays lots of sappy songs, constantly assures listeners she's glad they're making her a part of their lives and urges them to reach out and love someone, and takes calls from people who tell "uplifting" stories about their own lives. She does manage to come across as a sincere and reasonably sensible person, but basically she wouldn't know irony if it came up and bit her in the ass.

Anyway, on this particular evening, a woman called in and announced proudly that in an effort to make herself feel better after 9/11, she had knitted an American flag afghan. I laughed so hard I damn near fell into my shopping cart.
Yeah, it's got to be this one.
posted by chrismear 26 July | 09:52
Deliiiiiiiilah. Love that ho.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 July | 09:55
Gillette CEO: Fuck it, we're going to 5 blades.
posted by cobra! 26 July | 10:00
The Gillette one. No question.
posted by grabbingsand 26 July | 10:07
That's my second favourite!
posted by Orange Swan 26 July | 10:08
Yeah, I've always loved the Gillette one, too.
posted by gaspode 26 July | 10:59
This one, because it was true before it was ever written.
posted by WolfDaddy 26 July | 11:21
My favorite was Mr. Falafel man does not actually like being called Mr. Falafel. Anyone asking for Mrs. F will be ignored.
posted by brujita 26 July | 12:00
chrismear, here's the annotated version of that story. I remember posting a print-out of the original on my bulletin board and laughing at it. It doesn't seem very funny anymore.
posted by octothorpe 26 July | 12:09
Super Monkey Collider Loses Funding
Wait. That never happened, you say?
posted by ColdChef 26 July | 20:50
Nicole Willis will go-go your face off. || Bunny pictures are up!