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26 July 2007

This is a secret, don't tell anyone [More:]
You didn't hear it from me, but do you know about Hype Machine? It's a site what goes through all the RSS feeds looking for blog posts with MP3s in them, then aggregates them in to RSS feeds search-able by keyword.

The upshot of all this nerd talk is that you can enter an artist name, and get a list of MP3s that relate to that artist (songs, live tracks, covers) that have been posted. And what's more, you can get it as a podcast feed for your iTunes and just automagically get new stuff.

The links go stale pretty fast, and since your getting these off people's blogs, the donwload speed is all over the map, but hey, the price is right.

I can barely get my mind around this.
It's a daily visit - one of the bestest sites on the web. I think it was an MF post last year or the year before but I'm not sure.
posted by iconomy 26 July | 09:09
Oh, yes. Hype Machine all the time. I get lost for hours and hours starting with any request then following the breadcrumb trail of blogs. I've found tons of great sites and music this way.
posted by taz 26 July | 09:23
Yeah, ico. It was either on Mefi or here, because I sent the link to the mister and he's been addicted to it ever since. It's earned me lots of "see, my time on line is quite productive" cred.
posted by jrossi4r 26 July | 09:46
Yeah, Hype Machine got mentioned on mefi just the other day (and has been linked a few other times as a supporting link).
posted by cortex 26 July | 09:50
there is also: and skreemr and mp3realm. Additionally, if you add a music blog to your google reader you can get access to the original music file.
posted by getoffmylawn 26 July | 10:52
Thanks goretex! Here's another link. It got linked a lot.
posted by iconomy 26 July | 11:57
Aha! That'n didn't use the domain in the link, as it turns out.
posted by cortex 26 July | 14:19
PushmaticFilter || Nicole Willis will go-go your face off.