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12 July 2007

Whole Foods CEO uses a false name, blasts Wild Oats on Yahoo stock messageboards Is this an interesting story? Is it FPP material? I can't quite decide.
Kinda interesting (I read the story in the NYT earlier), not extremely interesting, certainly not FPP material on its own.
posted by grouse 12 July | 11:17
Yeah, and I'm kinda disinclined to pull together a bunch of Whole Foods links, especially since it's been done before, and that person probably did a better job than I would.
posted by box 12 July | 11:21
I say yes. What the hell.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 July | 11:27
Mah. I mean: meh.

That typo made me giggle.
posted by Specklet 12 July | 11:39
Post it, TPS, post it! Here, I'll get you started with some links:
posted by box 12 July | 11:40
This will be HUGE news in the veg/vegan community. I'm just waiting for the e-mails to start rolling in from my veg friends.

It's also interesting to note that Whole Foods and Walmart are predicted eventually to be the two biggest grocery store chains in the U.S.
posted by shane 12 July | 11:43
Yeah box -- the enture issue of Whole Foods is pretty complicated and though interesting, it's probably best not to post it unless you're in the mood to do the research. That CEO is a bit of a wingnut. Whole Foods is just a fascinating study - I've been following it for many years, since a few family members have worked for the organization since its early days (and attended many a Tribal Gathering). It's quite the juggernaut. It doesn't surprise me that Mackey would do such a thing, after watching him get into it with Michael Pollan.
posted by Miko 12 July | 11:43
Ooh, Miko, you could make a sock-rocking Whole Foods post.
posted by box 12 July | 11:55
Mecha: buncha box lovers
i have the mefi podcast on right now and right after "everyone went on a big jonson fest" there is this pregnant pause.
posted by ethylene 12 July | 12:06
Aw, thanks, TPS--you're so good to me.
posted by box 12 July | 12:11
I remember living in Austin when Whole Foods was local and just starting to make a move to eradicate the other whole food store in town. And the HEB built the TajM'heebie. In fact, my Texas friends and I were *just* talking about that. Wow, but the Whole Foods by me was a nasty trashy little store and in Austin, it wasn't hard to get cheap really good produce everywhere (unlike here). We used to go there almost exclusively for the ginseng soda and some chocolate candy, which was one of the few caloried-foods we could get my anorectic to consumer.

I thought this story was both interesting and uninteresting. Interesting because of how it relates to that whole "on the internet, no-one knows you're a dog" thing and uninteresting because, please, yes, if people thing no-one will ever know they said, they will spread bad gossip in hopes of making themselves/their projects/their net worth look/be better.
posted by crush-onastick 12 July | 12:25
Embarrassing for a CEO to show up this way, though it seems like he has skirted doing anything actually illegal as far as the board goes. At the very least, it seems like he had "too much time on his hands". :)

I added some links to the mefi thread
posted by taz 12 July | 13:16
And the HEB built the TajM'heebie.

Central Market! My favorite grocery store in the world. (Well, Berkeley Bowl might have taken over that role now, but still....)

Wow, but the Whole Foods by me was a nasty trashy little store and in Austin, it wasn't hard to get cheap really good produce everywhere (unlike here).

The original one on South Lamar? That's where I got my cat. Went in for a sandwich. Came out and there were two little girls with a box of kittens. Left with a sandwich and a kitten.

Ah, good times.
posted by mudpuppie 12 July | 16:14
Central Market was . . . a trip, shall we say. You know, with that layout that meant you could only take one route through the *entire* store and if you had to turn around and go back, well, you couldn't. And there you'd be, in the beer, trying to find Shandy Carib under all that other stuff and realizing you'd have to make do with tequila-filled watermelon, but it was *not physically possible* to get back to the watermelon. And someone would have to leave (carefully avoiding the smoked cheese pig case) and come back and try to catch up to you quickly, without being distracted in the coffee-sniffing aisle. . .Ah yes, who didn't love Central Market?

Ah, sandwich and kitten. That's awesome!
posted by crush-onastick 12 July | 16:23
Mmm kitten sammich...
posted by Specklet 12 July | 16:41
You can escape the layout of Central Market if you know where the shortcuts are.
posted by grouse 12 July | 18:03
I think there can be no doubt || They exist! They really exist!