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06 July 2007

IE CSS help: Is there anyway I can make this page look like it does in firefox and safari in IE?[More:]or do I have to load a different stylesheet if the user is using IE?
Having shared similar striggles with css wranglement, I'm no expert, but this link to css typography was helpful at the time to me, maybe it can help you too?

apologies for not searching for the original rescuers to my css dilemma
posted by chewatadistance 06 July | 10:05
struggles, even. they *could* be striggles, too.
posted by chewatadistance 06 July | 10:06
Whoa, that is *quite* different in IE!
posted by danostuporstar 06 July | 10:14
Well, the first thing I'd do would be to get the HTML valid - you'll find that will cure all manner of things. You need a Transitional or Strict DOCTYPE to get IE into standards mode and then start fixing things like the unclosed div elements. Once you've got that far, have another look.

Also: IE6 or IE7?
posted by TheDonF 06 July | 10:26
*hangs head* currently testing on IE 5.
posted by drezdn 06 July | 10:36
IE5?! Er, okay Christ! IE5.0 or 5.5? Because if it's 5.0 then, by God, you've got a task on your hands.
posted by TheDonF 06 July | 10:51
It's actually 5.5. Right now I'm trying to rebuild the page from the ground up while testing it in both firefox and IE 5.5.

I really want to keep the "drop shadows" as something created by the CSS, but if I can't get it to work in IE, I'll have to go with images or something.
posted by drezdn 06 July | 10:59
There are also CSS errors.

Try using a CSS reset style sheet to minimize cross-browser differences.

Can you test in IE6 or 7? Does your site get any traffic in 5 or 5.5? (If you're testing in 5.5 because that's what's on your computer, try to upgrade to a newer version.)

CSS Drop Shadows workaround.
posted by kirkaracha 06 July | 13:02
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