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04 June 2007

The Mister is Going to Kill Me [More:]I just picked up two kittens through my local Freecycle.

We have talked about it and I asked him what he would do if I showed up with a kitten or two. He made a smart-ass remark about how I would be in so much trouble, blah, blah, blah, but it was obviously in jest.

If you never hear from me again, well, you know what happened.
They're both male. The one in front is a long haired, dark orange tabby and the one in back is a short haired, orange and white tabby.

≡ Click to see image ≡

≡ Click to see image ≡

Name suggestions are welcome.
posted by deborah 04 June | 14:58
Here's what you do.

Hide them in his sock drawer and pretend not to know how they got there. When he goes to get a pair of socks (assuming he wears them), he'll find the two adorable little kittens. He'll be all "Hey Deborah, look at this! Aren't they cute? Can we keep them??"

And you'll need to play it cool -- hem and haw a bit. Tell him you'll have to think about it. And then when his face falls, relent and say, "Oh, okay, we can keep them, just because you look so adorable right now."

Problem solved.

On preview, OMFGCute
posted by mudpuppie 04 June | 14:59
AWWWWWW! Yaaaaay!

How could anyone be mad wif those cute widdle kittens in the same room?!?

I'll get to thinking about names...

Oooh, what's the doggie think?
posted by Specklet 04 June | 15:01
So. Cute.

posted by gaspode 04 June | 15:01
Are they brothers? O, the cuteness.
posted by rainbaby 04 June | 15:02
posted by essexjan 04 June | 15:07
I should have said: yes, they're brothers. They are two of five (three orange males, one brown female tabby and one male brown tabby) and they're eight weeks old. The owner is keeping the female. It was so very hard not to take the third orange tabby but I think having four cats keeps me just under the "crazy cat lady" bar.

Kaylee is going nuts. She wants to play with them. The groaning, grunting and other noises she's making are hilarious.

Oliver and Abigail are not impressed. Oliver hissed and went back to the living room. Abigail is still her in my den keeping an eye on them (I've opened the crate but they haven't come out yet) and hissing at Kaylee when she gets too close (misplaced anger, I would guess).

Per the owner: it is an semi-accidental litter. She has a female cat (Gertrude, the mum) that she's never had fixed because she's an indoor cat. BUT! The owner had recently inherited her daughter's intact male cat and, well, nature did what nature does.
posted by deborah 04 June | 15:15
posted by BoringPostcards 04 June | 15:18
Bert & Ernie
Tango & Cash
Frick & Frack
Watson & Crick
Penn & Teller
Wallace & Grommit
posted by Specklet 04 June | 15:18
female cat (Gertrude, the mum) that she's never had fixed because she's an indoor cat. BUT! The owner had recently inherited her daughter's intact male cat

This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered!

Also, you should name them Eggs and Bacon.
posted by dersins 04 June | 15:19
One more:

Felix & Oscar
posted by Specklet 04 June | 15:21
They are quite cute!!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 June | 15:22
They are indeed irresistable. You did the right thing. :)

Meta & Chat
posted by tr33hggr 04 June | 15:23
Cuties. Orange and Pumpkin?
posted by arse_hat 04 June | 15:24
OMG look at their tweet widdle faces!
posted by muddgirl 04 June | 15:31
Don't get them wet, I think they'll melt.

You know, from being so sweet, and made of spun sugar and all like that...
posted by getoffmylawn 04 June | 15:39
I dunno. Only one of them has the neon electric-blue robot eyes. I hope you got a discount on the boring one.
This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population.
There ya go: Bob and Barker. I like the thought of a cat named "Barker."
posted by jrossi4r 04 June | 15:47
Babies with their babyheads.

Mortimer and Godfrey.
MauMau and Oopsie.
Fanti and Mingo.

i bet Kaylee wants to lick them and nibble their heads.
posted by ethylene 04 June | 15:49
It'll be interesting to see what colour their eyes turn out to be.

Update: they were out of the crate, explored a bit, ate a metric tonne of food, drank a little water, got plunked into the litter box a couple times (they didn't use it), explored some more and are now back in the crate totally zonked out. Kaylee followed them around the whole time. Neither kitten is hissing at her or at all uncomfortable being in the presence of a dog. The orange one actually walked under her a few times. Yay!

On preview: Fanti and Mingo! Those would be great if we keep to the Firefly theme. Thanks for the reminder, ethylene!
posted by deborah 04 June | 15:51
I like Barker too! Barker and Showdown? Showcase? Barker & C'mon? C'mon Down? Barker and Neil Patrick?
posted by rainbaby 04 June | 15:54
Jayne and Mal (Malcolm)? Hoban, Wash (Washburne), Shepherd, Book? And, apparently, it's spelled "Fanty".
posted by deborah 04 June | 15:56
awww, the cuteness, it burnssss.

Chat & Filter

posted by theora55 04 June | 15:58
Yes! Wash and Jayne!
posted by Specklet 04 June | 16:19
Aww, shucks. I need to learn to read better.
posted by Eideteker 04 June | 16:31
Hamas and Fatah.
posted by Hellbient 04 June | 17:04
I cast my vote for Fanty and Mingo, because they're fun to say.
posted by muddgirl 04 June | 17:25
posted by fluffy battle kitten 04 June | 17:44
So CUTE!!! I second the vote for Fanty and Mingo! Great, unusual names!!
posted by redvixen 04 June | 17:51
So cute, deboarh! Congrats on your new kitties. I'm trying my hardest to talk my kids into getting a cat instead of a dog. I'll wear them down eventually.
posted by LoriFLA 04 June | 20:16
Teh cute! I almost went for these two little black kitties an animal rescue group had outside at Union Square last year. I really only wanted one, though. You had to take a pair if you wanted kittens. They socialize better that way, apparently. Enjoy!

posted by Pips 04 June | 20:54

They're still eating a lot, drinking a lot, playing a lot and crashing hard. They've both used the litter box. Yay, kitties!

The mister? Not so pleased. It appears I totally misread his response the last time we talked about adding cats to the household.

Not named yet.

And yes, Pips; cats do better when there are at least two of them.
posted by deborah 04 June | 21:30
Fester and It.
posted by Doohickie 04 June | 23:05
eeeeeeeeeee! Fanty and Mingo all the way!
posted by casarkos 05 June | 00:18
The electric-neon blue eyes thing is pretty cool. You could name that one Spice, or Dune, or Frank.

Back to the eyes: I've never seen that before. Is that common to a certain breed? Will they stay that way?
posted by philomathoholic 05 June | 02:33
Calvin and Hobbes.

They might do better somewhere that they are universally respected, if you see what I mean.

Siamese have the most stiking blue eyes, they could have some in them. Tabbies usually have blue eyes as well, IIRC.
posted by asok 05 June | 04:29
He definitely has blue eyes, but the neon glow is a trick of the camera. I've never seen blue eyes on a tabby before - only on white cats and oriental breeds. They are only eight weeks and I'm not sure when their eye colour becomes permanent.

Watching Kaylee and the boys is hilarious. She's torn between mothering, herding and playing referee.

They were left corralled in the den last night (and that's where they're remain for quite a while). The only poop to be found is in the litter box. Yay! (As you can tell, I was kinda worried about that.)

Names: I'm going to go with Fanty (orange and white) and Mingo (orange) for now to see how those names stick. Thanks for all the suggestions!
posted by deborah 05 June | 11:35
Oh, and the mister has made it crystal clear - no more animals.
posted by deborah 05 June | 11:36
Eddie Izzard on the beginning of time. || i'm going to have to turn in my cuteologist card