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29 May 2007

What would you call this genre of music? Pop bossa nova?[More:]

Damn you, Sky One, for getting this stuck in my head this weekend.
This is the theme song to a delightfully trashy TV show called "Mile High" to which I am totally addicted! Season 1 was broadcast on BBC America in the U.S. and I'm hoping they will show Season 2.

I think of this song as Europop but that is a rather broad classification. has several labels for Hooverphonic, including "ambient pop" and my favorite, "dream pop."
posted by initapplette 29 May | 10:16
KOCH came out with the "Mile High" DVDs for the U.S., which I got to take home from work this weekend. I'm happy to say I totally loved the first season. My favorite characters were Jason, Lehann, Marco and Bryson (because he's just so darn cute). I'm sad to say that the first episode of the second season was a total disappointment and I didn't bother watching the rest of season 2.

When I think of Europop, I get it mostly confused with Eurobeat, and then I cry because I first heard about Eurobeat music thanks to a show called Initial D which I feel like I should have no right loving and yet I do.
posted by TrishaLynn 29 May | 10:21
Totally off topic... maybe I'm old or maybe it's just because I'm a singer, but I was getting into the song until she opened her mouth. Her voice is soooo overdubbed that I got the impression her singing is probably somewhat cringeworthy without electronic help. Bums me out since the band seems pretty good & fun otherwise.

And yeah, I know a lot of people don't care about that stuff. 'Cuz hey, she's cute.
posted by miss lynnster 29 May | 10:51
I like that, TL! This has always been my favorite Hooverphonic song, but the video sucks.
posted by iconomy 29 May | 11:27
Reminds me a bit of Pizzicato 5, both taking slightly different angles on Sergio Mendes, among others. Hooverphonic used to be bit more trip-hoppy, if memory serves. Pop bossa nova seems appropriate, but you could just as easily leave it at pop or dance pop.
posted by Hellbient 29 May | 11:34
Yep, it reminds me of P5 too. I first discovered Pizzicato 5, Shonen Knife, and Hooverphonic via eyeballkid's site years ago, when he used to post his winamp playlists. I think that was back before he hated all of us.
posted by iconomy 29 May | 11:42
The Hooverphonic song IS cool... thanks TL!

I'm a Pizzicato Five freak, hellbient. This video is making my day. :) They were even more bossa-nova-ish on this song.
posted by BoringPostcards 29 May | 11:43
Oh man... I'm such a dilettante of music that I only know who Pizzicato 5 are from the song of theirs that hit in the U.S., "Twiggy Twiggy".

Now I don't know what to buy for my next new CD purchase: Pizzicato 5, Cowboy Mouth, The Whitlams, or Hooverphonic.

On preview: BP, you read my mind. So I'll change mine to the live version.
posted by TrishaLynn 29 May | 11:47
If you go for P5, TL, I highly recommend the album Happy End Of The World.

Also, this live video is terrific. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 29 May | 11:52
Yeah, i knew there was a better bossa-nova-ish example, but I was being lazy. BP - you may also like Gajin a Go Go, although it is a bit different, but still a lot of fun. A 6 ft. + blonde chick singing in Japanese? WTF?

on preview, yeah Happy End of the World is the one for me as well...
posted by Hellbient 29 May | 11:55
She looks like Mary Tyler Moore in the one hellbient first linked to.
posted by iconomy 29 May | 11:59
Haha... this is awesome, hellbient. (I followed the link through to their Myspace page... listening to "Coffee Beat.")

It's more retro, less electronic. Fun stuff.

OK, listening to "Go Go Bootist" now. Almost an old B-52s vibe. I like it!
posted by BoringPostcards 29 May | 12:10
I think of that as Cafe Del Mar Compilation CD music.
posted by StickyCarpet 29 May | 15:28
Lounge Pop.
posted by rainbaby 30 May | 02:33
Like Combustible Edison.
posted by rainbaby 30 May | 02:36
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