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29 May 2007

I look like an Oompa-Loompa. [More:]I just hennaed my hair for the first time in about five months. Either the henna I got was super-strong or using black tea instead of green for caffeine makes the dye incredibly sticky, but for the first time ever (in about two years of hennaing my hair) my forehead and hands are distinctly bright orange.

I think maybe I wear bandanas for a few days.
Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee...
posted by mudpuppie 29 May | 16:33
do you have a riddle for us?
posted by jonmc 29 May | 16:36
Well, at least you didn't turn into a blueberry :)
posted by doctor_negative 29 May | 16:39
i forget what you use to remove it, vaseline or exfoliating or something.
posted by ethylene 29 May | 16:55
This thread is useless, etc...
posted by essexjan 29 May | 17:03
Wait for it, EJ :)
posted by Fuzzbean 29 May | 17:04
You can do some amazing things with Photoshop.
posted by wendell 29 May | 17:07
i forget what you use to remove it, vaseline or exfoliating or something.
A random orbit sander and some 80 grit will take that right off.
posted by dg 29 May | 17:29
You're supposed to put Vaseline on before you colour (forehead, neckline, ears, etc.). That way any drips and spots wipe off easily. I never did that, though. You know those makeup removal wipe thingies? They work well for clean-up.
posted by deborah 29 May | 19:40
Behold, the orangeness.

≡ Click to see image ≡

I know about using Vaseline beforehand, but I've never bothered in the eight or ten times I've done this, and I've never gotten more than a slight, barely noticeable orangey hue.

This. This is sumptin' else.
posted by Fuzzbean 29 May | 20:13
The pic isn't showing up here (for me, at least - and couldn't really be seen anyway, as it's large-ish), so here's a direct link.

So. Very. Orange.
posted by taz 30 May | 00:17
Try using a nailbrush or scourer and some bleach on your hands. You'll need to use a ton of intensive handcream afterwards but it might work.

I once had a friend who turned up at the gym one day with her normally blond-ish hair a nice shade of red. She'd used one of those temporary colour mousse things.

As the workout progressed we noticed rivulets of ginger sweat running down her face ...
posted by essexjan 30 May | 01:43
yep, I'm afraid bleach and a nailbrush is your only option. But why weren't you wearing gloves? Did they not come with the colour?
posted by Wilder 30 May | 04:04
As odd as it sounds, I've had success with shaving the little hairs from my forehead for just this situation. For your hands - bleach and a nail brush will work, but your nails will most likely be dyed for a looooong time. After it fades it will just look like bad nictoine stains, so paint your nails if you're not into that look!

Try espresso instead of tea! When I henna'd my hair I added a raw egg, espresso and red wine - I have never been able to replicate that awesome colour with any chemical dye. Wilder - if it's like the henna I used you buy a few scoops from a big jar in the shop - no gloves provided.
posted by goo 30 May | 05:24
Oops - shave the little hairs and then exfoliate your skin.
posted by goo 30 May | 05:52
Welcome, goo.
posted by danostuporstar 30 May | 10:26
Argh. Thanks, taz.

It turns out that my forehead is far better than I feared. Apparently my gorgeously pale skin (WHICH IS NOT PASTY THANK YOU VERY MUCH *mutter mutter California people with their mutter mutter tans*) didn't suck up the dye. My hands are...well, you saw my hands.

On the bright side, I have basically no vanity so I'm quite happy to ignore it, or make up some wild story involving a very specific kind of jaundice.

Wilder--what goo said. I got this from the Indian market down the street. It's basically just a little box/bag of henna powder, no gloves, no instructions, nada. I do have latex gloves around for cleaning but I absolutely detest the way they feel on my skin (long story, phobia-related) so I'd rather suffer through a week of rhyming than through an hour of using them on my hair.

Goo--Ooh! Red wine and espresso is a new one on me but maybe I'll try that next time (it sounds very French). I've been using tea and lemon juice and I'm LOVING the color. (On preview: Hi! Welcome!)
posted by Fuzzbean 30 May | 10:45
Oooh, pretty colour! It makes me think of pin-up girls.

And the hands, hee! Love the orange hands.

Oompa loompa hmm hmm hmm... I'm gonna be humming that all day.
posted by deborah 30 May | 12:49
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