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28 May 2007

Memorial Day [More:]
And I'm at home. I slept-in until 9:30. Waiting for mister to finish his paperwork, so we can go do something. I've been cleaning and watering the garden. My shoulders are sunburned from yesterday, so I'm not missing the beach. We're going to a minor league baseball game tonight. I became sort of depressed explaining to my kids what Memorial Day is about. I don't feel much like celebrating.

Is everyone out and about? Or, are you at home like me?
Woke up at 11ish. The threat of rain is looming overhead. No bbq for us.
I'm thinking of going in to work, as I have nothing better to do.
I think I will.
posted by CitrusFreak12 28 May | 11:34
We're at home. I'm on the porch in my underwear and pips is making some of her famous egg salad. We got lotsa beer and the weather is nice. Should be a nice day.
posted by jonmc 28 May | 11:36
(also, I'm somewhat tanned and putting on weight, which is odd, since rather than going to my upper torso the weight goes directly to my gut, giving me both a sunken chest and a beer belly. *sigh*)
posted by jonmc 28 May | 11:38
I'm at home. Drinking coffee. I have a couple of work projects, plus a dog to walk and a kitchen to deal with. The weather is gorgeous, but I don't think I'll be enjoying it too much (other than the dog walking).
posted by Claudia_SF 28 May | 11:42
I'm at work like a usual Monday. Bleah.
posted by BoringPostcards 28 May | 11:45
It's Whit Monday here, so a holiday too. Horrible weather, wet and windy.

Thinking today of George's niece's husband, who's in Iraq.

And remembering all those who died in any war, anywhere.
posted by essexjan 28 May | 11:51
I woke up late- my alarm didn't go off. But it's a holiday so that's okay. Tomorrow will be extra hard though.

Just hung out my flag. I'll probably do all the chores I should have done yesterday but didn't.
posted by small_ruminant 28 May | 12:00
My plan for the day was to do some work and pay some bills. I don't usually pay bills on time, but I actually have the motivation to do it today -- for the first time in a really, really long time.

My bank's website just gave me JRun error. Oh, the irony.
posted by mudpuppie 28 May | 12:24
I was up freaky early, crawled back into bed, and slept until 1. My allergies are so bad now I feel like I'm actually sick. Throat is raw from breathing through my mouth too much.

A friend and I are going to WalMart (sorry) because I have a giftcard to spend and want some gingham for a sundress. I'm going to clean after and tidy the house, maybe whip up something good for dinner.

Also, I am very much interested in Pips egg salad recipe.
posted by kellydamnit 28 May | 13:20
More energy than usual today. Managed to clean up the kitchen, make the aforementioned egg salad (nothing that special, alas... just mayo, mustard (Nance's Sharp & Creamy, if ya can find it, but dijon'll do), pinch of salt, pepper, onion powder, a dash of hot sauce... it is tasty, though). Got a little writing on the agenda for later this afternoon while my brisket simmers... I'm making barbecue brisket sandwiches for supper -- yum (if you're around, HJ, come for supper). But first, I think a little afternoon siesta is in order. Got a rerun of CSI on for background noise, and the air conditioner's nice and cool. This is livin'.
posted by Pips 28 May | 13:41
Don't apologize for a WalMart Gift Card, kelly, you're not the one who gave them real money, and if you use it real fast, you rob them of earning interest on the bucks. Also, since WM forces its suppliers into extreme discounting for their products, if there is something you need that is only made by another company you hate, buy it at WalMart. (After I got pissed my HP computer, I started getting accessories for it there - bwahahaha)
posted by wendell 28 May | 14:00
We're having egg salad sammiches for dinner: mayo, mustard, onions, dill relish, salt, pepper. Yummm!
posted by deborah 28 May | 14:32
There was a sunken wreck in the English Channel that contains a relative I'll never know in this life. (The U-boats were getting lucky here and there even that late in the war.) My dad's second cousin, in the same division as he, was aboard her. He was on the other troopship, which made it into Cherbourg OK. Dad was so busy supervising unloading his battery's equipment that he didn't know about the sinking for a while - it made for the worst Christmas of his life, but he was pretty busy. Also, rumors were that they wouldn't be in the Lorient long anyhow; the scuttlebutt was that they were going to be thrown into the Bulge, although that didn't happen.

Watching Band of Brothers on the History Channel here. Thinking about the time I visited Arlington. There's a cemetery over near Dayton, but I just couldn't make myself go this year.
posted by PaxDigita 28 May | 15:51
I'm working. Bleah. On the other hand, double-time! Woo-hoo!
posted by bmarkey 28 May | 18:53
What's Whit Monday?
A few hours ago when i was trying to load some new pics online i found out my net connection is down. Someone chopped a fiber line or something so big chunks of the system are gone until at least morning. i'm on some wandering wifi signal on the laptop and all the pics are on the other comp, so no new Bees updates yet, but in a week she is a third bigger, still cute but less fetusy. Her tail almost works, her vision is better and she almost weighs something now. She still finds her tail a novelty and last night discovered there was a kitten in my hand mirror.
The other day i was worried she had a bowel obstruction but it turned out she just had to take a huge dump.
She has two go to action moves:
1) Fixing you with a solid stare, she comes running straight at you at full speed, then stops short and stands on her hind legs and waves her front paws at you.
It's either "Surprise! I love you this much!" or "Run! It's the popo!" She's way too fast to get a pic.

(Okay, that was her. i kinda want to get her to play piano in GarageBand but not yet. She a little too enthusiastic about the laptop already.)
Two is her standing on her hind legs doing some back and forth hand motions. It's hard to tell if she wants you to boogie or slow your roll.

Another neat trick she taught herself while i was sleeping was to pull a single tissue from the box and carry it in her mouth as she wanders into some dusty corner, returning it to you freshly covered in dust bunnies. This is particularly handy as she has also dusted all of the chair legs with her paws and belly. Last night she helped me shred old bills: i ripped them into strips and she made sure they were all mixed up with her weird mitten paws.566d at
She just stood on the delete button and walked across.
i think she may be a little weirdo.
She does this thing where she stares right into my eyes right up in my face and pats my mouth and cheeks and eyes, purring.
i have had boy cats and never a mitten so i don't know if these are girly mitten things, like having a mouse toy in her mouth while standing hindlegged so she can bat it back and forth with her front paws.
i did do other stuff but i have to go before she tries to type some more.
She's still learning how to jump and balance but she knows ho to delete and scroll on a track pad. Kids these days.
posted by ethylene 28 May | 19:16
(Beatrix did it. When she stands on the left she insists on caps lock.
i have her all week so i will either eventually cool it with the Bees reports or apologize in advance.)
posted by ethylene 28 May | 19:22
me is smiling so much.
posted by taz 28 May | 19:22
Good, taz.
She's down. Babies pass out like that. The boogie paw thing i am calling the Beezilla. "I am a t-rex with ineffectual front arms!"
posted by ethylene 28 May | 19:28
Oh man, she just attacked me-- she just leapt on my back like a tree monkey and went all binky on my ass.
She is going full out binky. Now she's doing some kind of sideways crab walking halloween cat monkey thing; it looks like her legs grew two inches and she's being all goofy, jive walking like she's J J Walker on Good Times. 22222ASFG
posted by ethylene 28 May | 20:55
Binky? The only binky I know of is either this or this.
posted by bmarkey 28 May | 21:31
Now it is quiet. Too quiet.
posted by ethylene 28 May | 21:44
posted by fluffy battle kitten 28 May | 23:01
Welcome, summer nobservances: Saw ball game, went to beach, dipped in (cold, Maine!) water, ate corn dogs, rode rides, drank margaritas. Ate lobster and tomato/garlic bruschetta, sat in sun drinking beer, rowed whaleboat.

Memorial Day observances: Visited the Moving Wall, stood silently at the bumper cars as the rides were stopped for 5 minutes in observance of Memorial Day. Participated in living history re-creation of an 1876 "Decoration Day" observance, with poem recital, songs, and a procession led by a drummer to the waterfront, where a cannon was fired and wreaths laid, and where the public were invited to throw flowers into the water in remembrance of someone lost.
posted by Miko 29 May | 21:10
Attention gentlemen between the ages of 25 and 40 || I just took my bra out of the freezer