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27 May 2007

The official fabric of Metachat! I am thinking sundresses are in order.
I thought the official fabric of metachat was the hides of our enemies.
posted by jonmc 27 May | 11:40
I would wear a kilt made of the hides of our enemies.
posted by CitrusFreak12 27 May | 11:43
You're confusing MetaChat with MetaFilter again, jonmc.
posted by chrismear 27 May | 11:44
I've just been on the phone to Louis Vuitton to have my suitcase recovered in the Bunny Travel fabric in time for my trip to NYC.
posted by essexjan 27 May | 11:47
...can I just wear a shirt? I *really* don't look good in drag.
posted by WolfDaddy 27 May | 11:55
Well, I suppose.
Although I strongly feel bunny buttons will be necessary. Or spaceships.
posted by kellydamnit 27 May | 12:02
I love it. I may make a skirt out of the middle fabric.
posted by iconomy 27 May | 12:24
We'd prefer it if you wore shorts or trousers too, WolfDaddy.
posted by CitrusFreak12 27 May | 12:36
Can it be more like a onesie?...I don't do sundresses...unless I'm wearing pants underneath. Is that OK? I just...I just have this weird thing about showing skin above mid-calf and above the elbows(like for reals y'all). Oh man, another summer of long-sleeved shirts.
posted by kkokkodalk 27 May | 12:50
I'm thinking cammies.
posted by mischief 27 May | 13:06
kkokkodalk, I'm the same exact way.
posted by iconomy 27 May | 13:40
Sundress for me, IF you have 'em in 3XL (I could squeeze into a 2XL, but this is for COMFORT, right?) I know you won't have stupid limited sizes like the MetaFilter shirts. And you'll do much better at color matching.
posted by wendell 27 May | 17:15
Breezy sundress for me, in the Bunny Travel fabric, with a cross over bodice, elasticized back for stretchable comfort, and a full skirt ending just above my knees, please! I'm so into sundresses and skirts this year!

WolfDaddy, how about some comfortable boxer type shorts?
posted by redvixen 27 May | 19:31
It makes metachat's ass look big.
posted by trondant 27 May | 21:50
How about a kilt, wendell? ;-)

I'll wear short sleeves, but not sleeveless--I have stretch marks--though I'm ok with shorts.
posted by brujita 28 May | 01:36
Happy mothers day: Bluegrass & Gin & Juice || Goatseeeee!!!