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27 May 2007

What I did this weekend, two words... Kidney Stones [More:]
So, I woke up Friday to the prospect of four days off work, but ending up puking in pain, spending two fucking nights at the hospital and having a 5mm stone (plus some additional accidental tissue) ripped out of me via the penis, catheter inserted, a PCA pump of morphine that I was hitting every 6 mins for 2 hours post operation. At that point I definitely could still feel the pain, but just didn't care. Imagine getting stabbed in the right kidney with a long knife and you can approximate the pain. Now, for the next week whenever I go pee it feels like someone is kicking me in the right side.
On balance I would have preferred to have my fingers slammed in a car door, seriously.
Welcome to the club.
posted by mischief 27 May | 20:11
edgeways, my sympathies, friend. There are very few experiences that can compare. i wasn't even sure I had stones until I passed my first and when I brought it to the doctor at the clinic (in a dixie cup, long story) he asked me if it was a piece of the toilet bowl. Anyways, when it finally passed, it was like pissing a razor blade. Rough stuff.
posted by jonmc 27 May | 20:16
My sympathies as well. I've never had the experience myself, but what you describe is pretty much to the letter what a friend of mine went through a couple of years back, or at least how he told it. Hang in there, bro'.
posted by psmealey 27 May | 21:37
wow. sounds like a sliver of hell. Hope it gets better soon.
posted by dhruva 27 May | 22:04
I just had my second cat scan on friday for this. The first one was negative but the pain, while manageable, is in the area that makes on think it's stones. I'll hear about the cat scan on tuesday.

Good luck.

Did they ask you about diet? As in a lot of chocolate, or diet colas?
posted by danf 27 May | 22:09
thanks for the kind words

Didn't talk too much about diet other than lay off foods with a tremendous amounts of oxalic acid (such as rhubarb. More liquids, more exercise, which I'll be doing.
posted by edgeways 27 May | 23:53
God, that sounds bad. I'm sorry.
posted by essexjan 28 May | 04:13
I sure hope this post wasn't eponysterical.
posted by PaxDigita 28 May | 09:10
Ugh! I'm so sorry!

When my brother went through this they gave him a lecture on "less espresso, more water!" He was in bad bad shape until it passed.
posted by small_ruminant 28 May | 12:06

Am I going to hell for lol'ing at what Pax said?
posted by deborah 28 May | 13:08
Wow that sucks. I hope you are getting more time off work to recover.
posted by PY 28 May | 15:35
Holy crap! So sorry to hear about it, and hope you recover quickly.
posted by treepour 28 May | 17:42
Owwww, you have my sympathy.
posted by theora55 28 May | 18:18
I had minor kidney pain from a suspected "flake" of something, and I can't imagine 5mm of hell.

Reminds me of this craigslist post from an ER Dr:

Advice from an ER doctor to drug seekers

The third rule (related to #2) is never rate your pain a 10/10. 10/10 means the worst pain you could possibly imagine. I've seen people in a 10/10 pain and you sitting there playing tetris on your cell phone are not in 10/10 pain. 10/10 pain is an open fracture dangling in the wind, a 50% body surface deep partial thickness burn, or the pain of a real cerebral aneurysm. Even when I passed a kidney stone, the worst pain I had was probably a 7. And that was when I was projectile vomiting and crying for my mother. So stick with a nice 7 or even an 8. That means to me you are hurting by you might not be lying. (See below.)
posted by craniac 28 May | 21:11
yeah see that's a little whack. I rate pain in relation to other forms of pain I've had. I don't know what 50% body surface deep partial thickness burn is like so I can't compare. But, I do know what the pain I am feeling at a given point is compared to all the other types of pain I've had. If an ER doctor, or nurse can't fathom that and won't give me the benefit of the doubt before establishing a pattern then I frankly don't want them near me.
After my operation there was a period of time I was in what I would call 10/10 pain, I was shivering and crying but the nurse was so blase about it and so unhurried about doing anything about it my wife yelled at her, I didn't have the energy to do anything but suffer.

That Doc is just engaging in a bit of over machismo in my opinion.
posted by edgeways 28 May | 21:33
IANAD, and I'm not trying to discount your experience, but I'm guessing he was referring to the Universal Pain Scale. A 10 there is "worst pain possible", not "worst pain I've experienced".
posted by bmarkey 28 May | 21:45
On balance I would have preferred to have my fingers slammed in a car door, seriously.

That fucking sucks, man. I'm sorry this happened on your holiday weekend. I'm sorry that it happened at all.

Hope you are feeling better soon.
posted by jason's_planet 28 May | 21:59
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