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27 May 2007

FEATURE REQUEST: Can it be made so that links open in new windows? Please?
You can make this the default action in Firefox.

Tools > Options > Tabs. Select "New links should be opened in a new window."
posted by mudpuppie 27 May | 17:02
Some of us hate Firefox and use Camino. You can do this in Omniweb, too, but I like Camino. You can't do it in Shiira, either.
posted by interrobang 27 May | 17:03
posted by mudpuppie 27 May | 17:18
So do you go around to every site you read and request that all the links open in new windows? It's a personal preference that you can change very easily without anyone else doing anything.
posted by puke & cry 27 May | 17:18
No, but it makes no sense to me that a site that's all about "hey, look at this, and then let's talk about it" is for some reason set *not* to open new windows by default. Couldn't there be a setting here where you can make links open in new windows?
posted by interrobang 27 May | 17:21
I have my firefox setting as mudpuppie says but on MeCha links still open in the same window.
posted by essexjan 27 May | 17:21
I have an idea about something that may work... I'll play around with it tomorrow... stay tuned!
posted by taz 27 May | 17:27
Hooray! Thank you!
posted by interrobang 27 May | 17:28
Do you use tabs in Camino, interrobang? If not, then cmd-click will open links in a new window, and shift-cmd-click will open them in a new window behind the current one.
posted by chrismear 27 May | 17:33
I know, and you can also just right-click and open links in a new window. I don't know why, but between this and Gmail moving my windows around (which I solved today) Metachat's non-new-windows-opening-as-a-default thing (like Metafilter, fer crying out loud) is one of the remaining major web-annoyances in my online life.
posted by interrobang 27 May | 17:36
It's funny, I've always hated how Mefi makes them open in new windows. Since I discovered tabbed browsing, with Avant in old IE, and then firefox, I only ever "open(ed) in new tab" with the middle click.

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that some people (or at least one person) likes it the way it is.
posted by richat 27 May | 18:05
I want windows to open on a new laptop. Please, taz? Please?
posted by mischief 27 May | 18:11
I want windows to open on a new laptop. Please, taz? Please?
Now there's a feature I could use.

I hate things opening in new windows and use Tab Mix Plus with Firefox (heh, Firefox's spell check doesn't recognise Firefox) to avoid any instances where this happens.
posted by dg 27 May | 18:16
If only I had the power, mischief. I need one o' them lap thingies myself.

Richat, if the thing I have in mind works, it'll be opt-in. If it doesn't, I bet seanyboy can whip something similar up.
posted by taz 27 May | 18:16
Oh well, I know you gave it your best effort anyway.
posted by mischief 27 May | 18:38
It's funny, I've always hated how Mefi makes them open in new windows.

I just want to throw it out there that links on MeFi open in the same window for me.
Is this not normal?
posted by CitrusFreak12 27 May | 18:41
New tab: hold ctrl and click, or middle click
New window: hold shift and click

Problem solved.
posted by qvantamon 27 May | 18:44
CitrusFreak, go to "preferences" on Mefi. There's a thing you can click there to make links open in another window.
posted by interrobang 27 May | 18:46
Also, as of Firefox 2, "open in new window" actually "opens in new tab" by default.
posted by stilicho 27 May | 19:19
I didn't know of the middle click option in Firefox. Woo hoo!

But yeah, I think the opt-in option to open windows in a new window/tab is good.
posted by deborah 27 May | 19:42
I would like to tag on a rider to this pony request. When you click the "post" button, you are returned to the top of the page. I would like to be returned to the comment I just made, so I can confirm that I actually posted it without having to scroll all the way down again.

Whaddaya mean, that's just stupid?

I would also like a "recent comments" link in the footer, but I'm afraid to ask.
posted by dg 27 May | 20:09
I'd like to tag on another rider. When you make a post, it sends you to a page that has a whole lot of useless stuff on it. I can't remember exactly what but I remember that it tells you the character count of your post was. Could we just skip all that and give a simple "your post is confirmed" kind of thing?
posted by puke & cry 27 May | 22:35
Wouldn't it be better to just take you to the post itself? That way, you can immediately spot the typo you missed, despite seven attempts at proof-reading and now it is there forever and you can never change it unless you are one of the chosen, of course ;-).
posted by dg 27 May | 22:43
I want windows to open on a new laptop.

You just had a new laptop, mischief. Isn't that what the percocet's for?
posted by essexjan 28 May | 02:12
Whoa, that one went right over my head, ej.
posted by mischief 28 May | 08:24
Okay, I'm afraid we need to call in the big guns. I tried a simple little javascript thing (you can see it on the left sidebar), but it isn't working as I hoped (and as I thought it had worked on some past sites I've done), and it needs to be reclicked each time you return to the main page, which is pretty much useless.

I'm sending out the seanyboy signal.
posted by taz 28 May | 11:01
well... actually, that's not it. It's that it also opens comments in a new window, which I'm assuming you don't really want. But if that's how you like it, then maybe it does work.

I'm thinking it's better if it's only external links that are opened in a new window.
posted by taz 28 May | 11:09
I'm happy to look at it.

However, to save time - could someone tell me how I do the metafilter style "open in new window". There's nothing in the source code to suggest new links should be opened in new windows or tabs so I'm thinking I need javascript / css.

Other than that, I'm currently flumoxed. Anybody?
posted by seanyboy 28 May | 11:32
Yeah, I was only asking if external links could open in a new window, not comments, too.
posted by interrobang 28 May | 12:06
Can we please make this opt-in/out. I hate automagic new window behaviour, I've got a middle mouse button for that if I want.

However I'd love the "go to posted comment change".
posted by Mitheral 28 May | 12:19
So this appears to be what I need....
- Javascript to traverse the DOM and add an ONClick to each link.
- Javascript Onclick code to open windows in new tabs or windows.
- A test of the hRef to see if it's an internal or external link.

Metafilter use a base target="_blank" line with an override on internal links but common consensus has it that this is a BAD thing to do.
Rather brilliantly, they also appear to have code to do my (1) above. Here it is

I'm getting there, but help is still required...
posted by seanyboy 28 May | 12:26
Yep, Mitheral - that's what we're talking about - an optional thing.

I found this javascript solution, but in my local tests, it didn't work.

And I found this javascript/css thing, but it looks like it's set up for groups of links. I'm not sure how we could wrap all external links generated by users in posts and comments.
posted by taz 28 May | 12:32
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