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26 May 2007

I would rather deal with the pain from my surgery than with the Percocet side effects. What do people see in using this shit?
They are scored so I am only taking half a pill a day after a good sized meal and with a full glass of water, yet they still put a spin on my head that is not worth the experience.
posted by mischief 26 May | 22:19
mischief, I'm glad you're home and recuperating.

I was given a prescription for Percocet and Toradol after my surgery. I found that the Toradol worked just as well, without any of the loopy side-effects. I didn't really need the Percocet at all, except for maybe the first night or two at home. Toradol is an NSAID, and it may be contraindicated if you're on blood thinners, etc.

I feel for ya. Hopefully you won't need pain meds for very much longer.

Is your surgeon's office open on Monday? Maybe you could call and have her call in something different.
posted by LoriFLA 26 May | 22:33
After a bit of research, I discover that it's not the oxycodone causing all the dizziness, but the ridiculously high amount of acetaminophen. Tomorrow, I will try a cold water extraction on half a pill and see if that works any better.

Thanks for the kind words, Lori. The surgery was on my hydrosele (iow, very large left nut) and I feel like I was kicked hard in the groin. As for the surgeon, she is only in her office two days a week without a holiday.
posted by mischief 26 May | 22:44
I feel your of pain. I was on Percocet for four months before my tumor removal, and that stuff is awful. I said the craziest things to people in that four month time span....and it made me so stupid, I couldn't even read stuff on the internet.
posted by Twiggy 26 May | 22:47
I hope your recovery is swift mischief.
posted by arse_hat 26 May | 22:47
Recover well, mischief. You may want to do a full pill (at least) when you do the cold water extraction, because without being some kind of pro at it, I think you loose stuff in the process. Like extract more, then drink part and have some on reserve - the process is a bit of a pain.
posted by rainbaby 26 May | 23:29
Thanks, rainbaby. In one of my past lives, I was a radiochemistry tech and I specialized in isolating small quantities. Kitchen sink chemistry like this is a piece of cake.

Anyway, none of that matters now anyway because raw oxycodone does its own little dance routine on blood pressure, and with my heart problems, I won't even consider going there.

Oh well, it only hurts when I move. heheh
posted by mischief 26 May | 23:43
Shit mischief. Be well.
posted by rainbaby 27 May | 00:59
Damn, that sounds nasty. I hope your discomfort passes soon.
posted by essexjan 27 May | 03:12
"...What do people see in using this shit?"
posted by: mischief at: 22:16

When I came home after having both hip joints replaced one week apart, with 3 feet of healing surgical wounds (18" down each leg), I gobbled 'em like candy for a couple of weeks, to the point of being completely constipated, and on the ragged edge of respiratory depression. After the first couple of weeks, I had to taper down, and it was not fun.

But it was better than moaning in pain all day. Which is where liver toxic doses of ibuprofen left me for a couple of weeks.

I was a miserable SOB, for months, but I would've been a dead SOB, by my own hand, without Percocet. Still, everybody to their own poisons, I always say.

Feel better soon, mischief.
posted by paulsc 27 May | 03:16
Ouch, mischief, I'm squeezing my thighs together on your behalf, and I'm a girl. Hope you feel better soon, my friend. Vicodin worked well for me when I had my gall bladder surgery. I found it worked best, though, with the least side effects, when I just sat around and watched TV and slept when I took it. If I tried to go out and be active, I'd get nausceous and dizzy. Again, hope you feel better...
posted by Pips 27 May | 10:10
I was never on percoset, but I was on Vicodin and Lortab after my car accident and the surgeries.
I don't recall head-spinny, but I was on such high doses that I didn't notice much of anything.

get well, watch some movies, and just sit around relaxing. And remember, should you need it, bagged veggies make a handy icepack.
posted by kellydamnit 27 May | 10:42
I recall my sister's dog, Bear. Bear was a boy dog, who was neutered late in life. This was very painful for him and there was a long recovery period.
The only thing that helped was a warm washcloth applied to the area. He loved that washcloth.

For months afterward, anytime anyone picked up a dishcloth, the dog flopped down on his back and spread his legs.
Just sayin'.
posted by disclaimer 27 May | 11:02
Ugh. I had a major abdominal surgery once, for which they gave me Percoset and I quit taking it after a day, it was so disgusting that the pain was preferable (and I am SUCH a wimp about pain!) I could handle the head-spinning but not the nausea and constipation (which was already bad just from anesthesia).

It's not like there aren't alternatives- why they push this horrible pain killer is beyond me.
posted by small_ruminant 27 May | 11:26
I got percocet after my wisdom teeth came out. It was fun.
posted by jonmc 27 May | 11:27
Okay, so jon's the reason they push this horrible pain killer. You must have missed out on the horrible nausea it caused me.
posted by small_ruminant 27 May | 11:43
My husband took percocet after he had his gall bladder out.

I really really should have kept the skateboard away from him afterward.
posted by bunnyfire 27 May | 12:15
This morning was the worst so far, and bad enough for me to go ahead and try extracting the good stuff out of the Percocet. What a relief! I can't pick something off the floor but I have most other mobility.

To counter the potential blood pressure problems, I diluted and iced the extract (cold liquids slow uptake) -- plus a hint of lemon juice, this shit tastes horrible -- and I am taking small intermittent sips.

As for the procedure (it's so easy a caveman could do it!), the online instructions are fairly good, although only one included presaturating the coffee filter. This latter step is why so many are losing potency; the filter retains solute if not primed.

For those who find themselves in a similar situation (on a holiday weekend), tuck this info away. No sense having to choose between the worse of two evils.

Go Danica!
posted by mischief 27 May | 13:56
Glad to hear you're doing better. Someone on IRC made a great comment on taking narcotics for pain relief right after I had my surgery: "Narcotics don't make the pain go away, they just make you care less." Just resign yourself to doing absolutely nothing for a good while, watch tv, get on IRC, relax and don't fight with the meds. Best wishes for your recovery.
posted by Twiggy 27 May | 17:47
Is that it? Well, I am sure not caring now!
posted by mischief 27 May | 18:16
Percocet is the only reason I've had a single night's sleep since leaving the hospital, thanks to the dueling pain from my kidney infarc and my sciatica (opposite sides). Sure do miss the nurses mainlining me with Dilaudid first, though. A little Phenergan for the nausea, and I was out for the night. Well... out until the next blood test and vitals check, or crazy-ass new roommate, anyway. Those were the days!
Yeah, I have concluded that Percocet is for far greater pain than that from simple surgery.
posted by mischief 28 May | 22:16
UWS radio 4am GMT || I went to see Once tonight.