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24 May 2007

i just got offered a chihuahua? Yesterday i was telling my mom about the Bees[More:] and how much i love her. She just called from a pet store and offered me a dog.
"They're so cute and they're going fast! Only two months old! You can carry it around with you if you diaper it!"
She can't have a dog because of the cats and mostly i think she wants to dress it and get a dog purse.
Look, i bet it's cute as the dickens but i've never had a dog and am very much a cat person, and yet...
i was telling Bees' dad about it and he happened to slip in probably would see the Bees until Saturday.

i do not love randomly, willy nilly, fickle like a distractable child, but steadfastly and truly, with great loyalty and ardor.
i wonder if i have set myself up in loving the Bees, never really getting time with her in this strange predivorce settlement. Should i try to emotionally separate myself and get a baby animal thing of my own?
i love her.
Life with chihuahua is good. Any questions, feel free to send 'em my way.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 May | 16:07
i don't think i have enough underwear, TPS.
It's not so much about getting another animal so much as making yourself not be in love anymore.
Her dad's getting to be assy about it but i don't have much say. This custody shit sucks.
i hope he calls later and drops her off but i know it won't happen...
posted by ethylene 24 May | 16:14
There is no such thing as a free dog.
posted by paulsc 24 May | 16:22
Dogs seem to need way more attention and not having a real easy access yard or outdoors for it seem wrong. (It doesn't feel right for a cat either but a kitten is so small so my small place seems huge for a while.) Also this guy in the building who is always outside the back door has this extremely spastic and barky chihuahua who i think would be a bad influence on other dogs.
i don't want to inflict this place on an animal so it's probably best Bees is the social and traveling baby kitty, who apparently now beats up on her brothers who she gets to see, and has kept her little belly. Also good for travel... i'm probably being small.
But i love her and love has no reason.
posted by ethylene 24 May | 16:39
i just got offered a chihuahua?
Don't take it, not unless it has been well prepared and thoroughly cooked.
posted by dg 24 May | 17:08
Today was dog bath day for the free dog at my house. My mutt (a 55 pound chow/lab mix) is pretty patient with the whole ritual, and it started off with me giving him a summer trim with my new $44 high powered dog clippers. They got most of it, but choked on some matted hair on his hindquarters. But they did a good job on his paws and forelegs, which is half the battle, as he loves to dig. And they didn't pull and weren't as loud as the old ones, so money well spent. But we did run down a full 24 hour charge in about 30 minutes, which was kind of disappointing, considering the heft of these clippers, and the cutting head assembly fell out when I got them caught in a tail tangle.

Next, an all over with the shedding loop. Handfuls of fur come out with that. Next, an all over with the grooming brush. More handfuls of fur.

Next, the bath proper, with plenty of shampoo, and tons of rinsing, which I do in the shower stall in the guest bath, as the easiest place to contain all the mess, and because it has a good handheld shower wand, and a drain I can put a fine screen in to catch doggie hair before it clogs the drain pipes. Twice, because he's pretty dirty, from his recent neighborhood adventure. He's good about all this, as long as I don't get his snout or ears wet, and keep the rinse hose away from his eyes. Then, he shakes and flings water all over me. Great.

Next, I dry him off with a couple of terry towels, and get him back out of the house, on the patio again. Get the claw clip tool, which he hates with a passion. He cowers, cries, and when I persist growls, and clamp bites my wrist. I persist, and get his front claws clipped, but you'd think I was killing him. I've never drawn blood in doing this for nearly 3 years, but he just hates claw clipping.

I give up after that, and leave him out on the patio to dry in the sun.

Net time, start to finish: 2 hours. Due again in about 2 weeks.

It's a little less for little indoor dogs, I guess, and chihuahuas don't have nearly the fur, but dogs take some maintenance, eth.
posted by paulsc 24 May | 17:14
I can has chihuahua?
posted by grouse 24 May | 19:47
i can has plane ticket?
posted by ethylene 24 May | 19:56
i do not love randomly, willy nilly, fickle like a distractable child, but steadfastly and truly, with great loyalty and ardor.

Quite poetic; I like that.
posted by amro 24 May | 19:57
Having a dog is not something to rush into, so I'm glad you're being wary, eth. They do require a bit more maintenance than your standard cat, it's true; I once saw them described as being like a three-year-old in a fur suit, which is not entirely inaccurate. They're goofy, they run around for no apparent reason, and they can be loud at inappropriate times. But when the rest of the world is on your ass, your dog will still love you, unconditionally. That's a hell of a payoff.

If you do decide to go the dog route, please consider adopting one from your local shelter rather than from a pet store/puppy mill.

posted by bmarkey 24 May | 20:27
You're all so serious, but i'm not an idiot. i admit, i've got a problem with bad pet parents, and i've helped care for dogs. And i'll say it, i'm a cat person. And cats do the love thing too, quite well, as well a smake a mess. yrt they are cleaner. i like dogs just fine and i've known some great ones but i have a special love of cats. Not this kind of love, though. Always have, always will.
But this isn't just any cat. i don't go ga ga over every bit of fluff or baby head i encounter. i really can't deal with that kind of emotional sluttage.

Actually, what i really want right now is cigarettes and a drink. But i keep glancing at her picture twice an hour.
posted by ethylene 24 May | 20:43
Didn't mean to imply that cats weren't lovers (or that you were an idiot, either, for that matter). Cats are great pals, and they do love their people.

Working out pet visitation is tough. In my experience, it generally doesn't work out so well. Sorry. That doesn't mean that your experience won't be different, though.
posted by bmarkey 24 May | 21:07
No offense taken. Interro should put your cat in a suit.
He just called. He's dropping her off tomorrow.
posted by ethylene 24 May | 21:13
posted by bmarkey 24 May | 21:21
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