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23 May 2007

Women carrying babies So it's often remarked that a man looking over/carrying/etc. a baby increases his adorability. Is it just me, or does inverting the sexes in question work too? (I wonder if there's variation according to likelihood that the baby is actually the person's own kid?) Or am I just totally wrong on both counts?
Oh. I meant 'carrying' as in holding.
posted by Firas 23 May | 14:39
Well, my boyfriend certainly gets a very sweet, goofy grin on his face whenever I'm holding or cuddling one of my nephews or the kids of various friends. (Biological clocks: they're not just for women anymore!)
posted by scody 23 May | 14:42
I'm not attracted to women so I don't know if holding babies increases our adorability. It used to make me crazy when I would see a guy with a baby - I could almost feel my ovaries go into overdrive. Not so much anymore though.

I've never had a guy come up to me because of a baby, but I have had guys come up to me because of puppies. The canine kind.
posted by iconomy 23 May | 14:44
No... guys find women more attractive when they are holding firearms or bladed weapons, or sitting at a computer.
posted by agropyron 23 May | 14:46
Heh. The turn-ons of Lara Craft aspect are on a different plane altogether (or more to my preference, Kate Beckinsale's weapon-wielding vampire.)

Hey 'coming up' is a good distinction iconomy, i.e. a difference in "that's so sweet" adorability vs. "i'd hit it" adorability.
posted by Firas 23 May | 15:01
i'm not sure but i do find that when you say you do not want to have a guy's babies, they don't take it too well.
posted by ethylene 23 May | 16:16
agreed, scody: mine is all 'ooh, ickle baby!' every time he sees one, in whatever context. Not sure whether he lusts after the women holding the babies though; I like to think he prefers to fantasise about the ones we're going to have.

I certainly find daddies doing daddy things Teh Hott.
posted by altolinguistic 23 May | 16:43
Can only say what I think from my pov:
1) hetro men holding babies used to make me uncomfortable, not attract me (I'm not a natural baby-loving type, I just happened to have lucked out and got teh wurrrrlds kyootest baybeh! so there)
2) when I get random-stranger-male attention these days, it's just to ask what my baby-gurls name is and not for me at all since they are sincerly just interested in baby (and often share stories about their own adorable little bundles of joy). Since I used to have to beat them off with sticks I'm guessing the baby thing didn't up my attractive-level at all, probably the opposite. ;P I've lost teh hotness completly. hehehehe.
3) kyoot babies attract japanese tourists, Korean Businessmen, grandmothers from all waks of life, baby-loving-women from every age, even moody teenagers with punky black makeup and well-thumbed kafka books. Single men less often.
posted by dabitch 23 May | 18:18
Your baby is quite the suave little styler, dabs.
i remember reading somewhere that men exhibiting traits of charity and being a good and caring provider was one of those biological attractors for lifemates (not necessarily the breeding part).
One of those "men will give money to pan handlers to the favorable response of women, showing he is kind and charitable, but women giving money to a panhandler shows her to be wasteful and not fiscally responsible to men" things.

How i do go on. Back to the dust mines.
posted by ethylene 23 May | 18:23
- A woman carrying a baby is not attractive. I mean, come on - she's just had a kid, she's probably frazzled, she's probably more dependant on her partner than she ever has been in her entire life, and the last thing on her mind is sex.

am i right or what?

- men with babies (that aren't their own) are attractive because it shows they make good potential parents

- in other words: women don't look cute with babies because they're their own, men look cute kids because they're not their own

and by the way: me loves dabitch
posted by dodgygeezer 23 May | 19:09
Except women with babies have swollen breasts, not even talking about men with particular proclivities or predilections.
In the last few years, men ask if i have kids and i'm not sure what that's about. i blame this milf bullshit. Does having a kid mean you might be into some no hassle sex nowadays?
posted by ethylene 23 May | 19:20
Also, i remember seeing a photo of Gwenyth Paltrow after she had her first kid and i didn't even know it was her at first but she looked a lot better to my eyes. Depending on the woman, it can cause a tremendous physical change or almost none at all. i have some friends who had better visible health after, better hair and skin, etc. my mother lost weight from running after the kids.
posted by ethylene 23 May | 19:24
Women carrying babies are sexy, especially if they're someone esle's babies. Kidnappers take risks and that's, y'know, hawt.
posted by jonmc 23 May | 19:32
I can't honestly say that women were fawning all over me whenever I was lugging Pax Jr. around, but he was a mighty cute baby and justifiably attracted a lot of friendly female attention. I do know, however, that whether it gets women hot or not, I kinda miss getting to hold him, and whenever there's been a new baby at the office to hold, I've been right there in line and kinda hogged the kid.
posted by PaxDigita 23 May | 19:40
Well, the two women I had in mind were a serious (intensely serious) HS crush whom I saw a facebook pic of holding a niece and, I dunno, maybe it was the predisposition to finding her hot rather than the attraction level being accentuated by the niece.

The other was yesterday morning, this lady at an Au Bon Pain, she was extraordinarily fit for someone who'd recently had a baby, so maybe I was more struck by that coincidence (new mother in shape) than the woman+baby thing per se.

Got me thinkin' anyway. But yeah I think I'll have to back off the claim. It still works with men right? Or do I have to return this kidnapped crawler?
posted by Firas 23 May | 19:43
It works if you want to attract broody women. ;)
posted by dabitch 24 May | 03:29
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