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23 May 2007

I just got back from pre-school graduation. *sniff* [More:]I'm not generally sentimental about these things, but the little mortarboards and the tiny diplomas really got to me. And they sang cute songs with funny choreography. She's been at that school since she was two and now it's time to move on. It went by so fast. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to put her on a bus in the fall.

Somebody HOLD ME!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 May | 13:07
posted by gaspode 23 May | 13:10
*holds jrossi*
posted by ethylene 23 May | 13:10
Preschools are dens of sin these days. I betcha some devious kid offered her whole milk, maybe even cookies.
posted by jonmc 23 May | 13:11
It's very bittersweet, watching a kid grow up. At least you have another to do this with, as the older one blazes the trail.

posted by danf 23 May | 13:13
Aww, jrossi. I know how you feel. I just got home from that last day of Kindergarten. My preschooler finished preschool on Friday, but he has one more year until Kinder. It flew by!
posted by LoriFLA 23 May | 13:15
This thread is useless without YouTube video.
posted by essexjan 23 May | 13:36
Did you take lots of pictures?
posted by arse_hat 23 May | 13:48
Thanks for lovin', guys. There are lots of pictures and we taped the whole thing. It was unbearably cute.

Lori, you're going to have a first grader! That is officially "big kid" territory.
posted by jrossi4r 23 May | 14:32
The LittleMissMoonPie's 6th grade graduation is next month. She's really grown up at that school--she transferred into the gifted and talented program in second grade, and, having come from a terribly under-achieving school, had a lot of catching up to do. She's doing great now, of course, and heads off to middle school next year, with the attendant teenager-hood and all that entails. It will definitely be a bittersweet event.

Oh, and Blackjack Mulligan came to my sixth-grade graduation--I went to school with his son.
posted by mrmoonpie 23 May | 14:34
Aw. Preschoolers are the cutest. Such a great age. Sigh. Sniff.

My cutest preschool memory was my son's first Halloween party, when he was three. He went as Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the night before he stayed up ALL NIGHT because he was so excited. I'm getting a little verklempt just thinking about how cute and innocent he was....

So there are two 3 year old preschool classes, and the parents show up and the kids come out for a little parade around the playground so the parents can ooo and aahh and take pics. My son comes out, and is just beaming. Then the other class comes out, and there's a Michaelangelo, a Donatello, and a Leonardo! He looks at them across the playground, and they look back at him. Both classes start to walk towards each other in lines, like teams do after a game, when they walk towards each other to high five and say "Good game".

When my son got to the place in line where the 3 turtles were, he defected. He left his own line and got behind them and walked silently back to their class and had ice cream and cake with them. And pizza, and whatever other things Ninja Turtles eat. It was hilarious. No way he was going back to his own class after discovering that Michaelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo were there at the school. None of them talked to him, and he didn't talk to them. They just all kept staring at each other in amazement.
posted by iconomy 23 May | 14:36
That is a hilarious story, iconomy. Love it!
posted by gaspode 23 May | 14:43
I remember my preschool graduation. I remember being very irritated that I had to be there because I didn't think there was a point to it. I probably had cartoons that I wanted to be watching or something.

It cracks me up that even at that young age I sided towards being cynical. Oh tiny me.
There are zero pictures of me smiling on my first trip to Disney World, too. What a jerk I was.

Iconomy: that is great.
posted by CitrusFreak12 23 May | 14:51
Iconomy, that is the sweetest, funniest story.

I uploaded a few "last day" photos on my Flickr page. Because I know you enjoy looking at other people's children. ;)
posted by LoriFLA 23 May | 16:03
Lori, those pictures are great.

And I guess I missed my chance to hold jrossi. Damn!
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 16:16
wow, you do the rites of passage thing properly in the US - the first graduation I attended was my university graduation aged 22. We had a school leaving party, but there was no real fanfare attached and no official recognition of this new stage we were going towards.

and this thread increases my broodiness just that little bit more...
posted by altolinguistic 23 May | 16:37
The only way iconomy's story could have been better would have been if they had banded together and gone off to fight crime.

Lori, your boys are adorable and I just bought that CHOMP shirt for my little guy!

And pups, you did not miss your chance to hold me. On our way home from the local nursery today a hawk flew by with a GIANT SNAKE IN ITS TALONS!!!! OMG, DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!! HOLD TIGHT, MIGHTY HAWK!!!!!!!
posted by jrossi4r 24 May | 14:03
My fiancee's a preschool teacher (2-3year olds). They don't have a graduation, but every year they put on a circus. It's always a big hit.
posted by chndrcks 24 May | 14:05
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