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23 May 2007

Fat rant This doesn't seem to have been posted here before.[More:]Anyway, I quite enjoyed it and thought a few bunnies would too!
posted by Eideteker 23 May | 22:01
Yeah, I had a sinking feeling this would happen. I do this. I think my goal for 2008 should be not to post links.
posted by SassHat 23 May | 22:35
Screw that. i was just thinking of this video the other day.
posted by ethylene 23 May | 22:38
i think I linked that from my blog once. Or maybe I just favourited it. who knows. i like it.
posted by gaspode 23 May | 23:08
Hey, you weren't sure if it'd been linked before. MetaChat has no restriction against doubles. If nothing else, we revel in double callouts as high silliness.
posted by Eideteker 24 May | 05:42
You made a double. It doesn't mean that you're stupid, or ugly, or lazy, or selfish. You made a double! A double. Six little letters; what are you so afraid of? It does not reflect on your intelligence, your work ethic, or your character.

We need to expand our souls, and I think there's a whole lot of doubleposters out there who could use a whole lot more self-confidence.
posted by taz 24 May | 05:55
It doesn't mean that you're stupid, or ugly, or lazy, or selfish.
Of course, it doesn't mean he's not any or all of those things ;-)
posted by dg 24 May | 06:26
Hadn't seen it before, think it was awesome.
posted by rainbaby 24 May | 06:30
tl, need to eat lunch

My roommate J.Nik's in the 12-18 dress size range, but I think she looks totally awesome. I look at myself these days (yes, even in the topless photo) and I want to hide. I know I need to be more healthy because I've got high blood pressure, and that's something I'll be working on right after I pay off a little bit more of my credit card and right after I work though some more issues with my therapist.

I didn't used to have these kinds of body issues.

The process of turning 30 is kinda sucking for me so far.
posted by TrishaLynn 24 May | 11:44
I love you because you lump 12 and 18 into the same size range.
an 18 who dreams of being a 12.
posted by kellydamnit 24 May | 23:10
And your 2007 American Idol is... || Dot Combos