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23 May 2007

Bunny tongue! OMG! It's been a busy week so far ...[More:]

After the stresses of the weekend at my sister's I picked up my friend Margaret from her sister's in Leicester on Monday and brought her back with me to Essex for a couple of days.

We've had fun. It was a good antidote to the weekend at Lesley's.

Drove to Gatwick today in the rush hour for Margaret's flight back to Canada. It took three hours to go 60 miles. Two hours to get home again. Gah! I am tired now.

On Friday I'm going to Manchester to see my auntie, probably for the last time. I'm not driving, it's a Bank Holiday weekend, the motorways will be hell and it's over 200 miles each way. I'm going by coach, I've got a good book and if I get bored with reading I'll have some quiet time to meditate.

I've missed MeCha, having houseguests certainly interferes with one's browsing.

How long you gonna be in Manchester e/j?
posted by seanyboy 23 May | 08:42
A flying visit, Seanyboy, coach arrives at 3.30 on Friday (allegedly, although I have my doubts about it taking only four and a half hours), I'm getting a local bus straight up to Middleton to see my Auntie, saying overnight with my cousin (probably go out for a curry with him and his girlfriend and their gang on Friday night), visit Auntie again on Saturday morning then bus home at 2pm.

I believe we pass Old Trafford on the way into Manchester, so I will bow and show due reverence at that point in the journey.
posted by essexjan 23 May | 09:11
Bowing and reverence????

*You'll do no such thing* :(

posted by seanyboy 23 May | 09:13
They do tours there now seanyboy. If you ever want to see the pitch at Old Trafford, that's the closest you're likely to get.
posted by essexjan 23 May | 09:31
That picture is my most favoritist. Ever. It needs a caption, and I'm no good at that. Priceless.

I hope you have a good visit with your aunt, and I can't wait until you get back to post more pictures like this!
posted by redvixen 23 May | 17:39
A Scintillating Selection From a Sexy Secret Agent. || W00T! Mrs. tr33 bought us Tool tickets!