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22 May 2007

Weekend at my sister's [More:]As many of you know, I have a difficult relationship with Lesley, my only sister. She's nearly 51, got dumped by her sixth husband at Christmas and jumped right back into dating again.

I just spent the weekend with her and all I can say is thank God for the 12-step programme that taught me that the first thought that comes into my head is probably not the best thing to come out of my mouth.

She's very new to computers and asked me to help her with something in her Outlook Express, so although I did have a legitimate reason for being in her mail programme, I hold my hands up and confess that I was looking in her sent mail out of sheer nosiness.

There were lots of emails to different guys, most of which were along the lines of "I think you are my soulmate, I can't wait to see your handsome face, hear your sweet voice and touch your body..." plus some talk which (maybe I'm a prude) was very 'forward' for email exchanges with strangers.

So she's repeating the patterns of the past, looking for a man to fix her. I didn't meet her latest boyfriend but from what she's told me about him, I'm not impressed (and she's tried to present him in a good light, so I dread to think what the bad light might be). He's been divorced twice, is under 30 (she wouldn't say exactly how far under), has three children he doesn't see or support, doesn't work, doesn't drive, lives with his mother (who is now my sister's new BFF) and while I was there I had to show her how to buy stuff online so she could buy him some expensive gear from the McLaren F1 website.

On Sunday we went out to a big open-air market. My sister sulked because the man said she was too old to go on the bouncy castle. She was also surprised when the man on the bedlinen stall said that Spongebob quilt covers only come in sizes to fit single (i.e. children's) beds, not doubles. She wants to redecorate her bedroom with a Spongebob theme. She bought some more teddies for her bedroom, a Spongebob backpack and some cement teddy garden ornaments to go with the several dozen she already has.

Sunday afternoon we went to see 'Zodiac', which I really enjoyed, and which gave me a bit of blessed relief from the constant inanity of celebrity gossip, soap talk, texting, texting, texting different men all the time. She thought it was boring and went outside for a while because she couldn't bear to not be texting while the film was on.

Our aunt is 91 and is very frail. I'm going up to Manchester to visit her at the weekend, probably for the last time. Although my sister talked about her new boyfriend's family non-stop, she never once asked how our aunt is. I think that pretty much sums her up.

I do not like my sister.
Sounds like a spectacularly crappy weekend, Jan. You're a better woman than I am; I'm afraid I'd pretty much just slide into once-a-year visits... if that. And, dang - the whole weekend. eek.

Is your friend from Canada coming soon? That should be a sweet thing to help that pill go down.
posted by taz 22 May | 03:48
My friend from Canada is here now, I picked her up from her sister's on the way back from Derby, and tomorrow I'm taking her to Gatwick for her flight home. She's a lot of fun, which is a great antidote to my sis.
posted by essexjan 22 May | 03:55
Yay! I'm glad for that.
posted by taz 22 May | 04:04
You should write a book about (inspired by) your sister.
posted by Doohickie 22 May | 09:09
Fourteen years old in a fifty-one year old body. I don't think she's capable of change at this point (sorry to just chime in abruptly, but I've been following your story with interest while I haven't been posting on Mecha. I have a brother with many similar issues, btw.)
posted by jokeefe 22 May | 13:17
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