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22 May 2007

Happy Birthday to my Gemini sisters....essexjan and JanetLand!
Today is a good day for bunnies with the word 'jan' in their names.

Thank you. I am going out for a nice lunch today with a friend who is visiting me from Canada. I will eat too much, I already know this.
posted by essexjan 22 May | 01:06
Oh, and happy birthday to YOU too, brujita (sorry, I am dense, didn't get the gemini reference at first). Have we had three birthdays in one day before?
posted by essexjan 22 May | 01:08
Happy b-day to ej, brujita, and janetland. b-day kisses!
posted by puke & cry 22 May | 01:27
Thanks!...according to the wiki, it looks like there will be another triple birthday in August.

I'm going to a late dinner with friends.
posted by brujita 22 May | 01:35
Happy burfday, girls!
posted by dg 22 May | 02:26
Yay, birfdays! Hang on, three birfdays on one day?! *head asplodes*
posted by TheDonF 22 May | 03:25
Whoah! Girls, girls, girls! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

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GlowCat sez: I CAN HAZ CAKE?!!!!!
posted by taz 22 May | 04:02
heh heh heh. You guys totally have to listen to Belle and Sebastian's "Another Sunny Day" while watching GlowCat dance, dance, dance.
posted by taz 22 May | 04:23
Neato-Keen! Happy Birthday, ladies!
posted by rainbaby 22 May | 05:44
Thanks folks!
posted by JanetLand 22 May | 06:39
Oh, how cool! Happy birthday, you babe-a-licious babes of spring!

posted by BoringPostcards 22 May | 07:29
happy birthday to two way cool chicks.
posted by jonmc 22 May | 07:34
Happy birthday y'all! I hope each one of you has a lovely day.
posted by gaspode 22 May | 08:11
Happy Jan(et)day!
posted by Elsa 22 May | 09:09
Happy birthday to you both!
posted by tr33hggr 22 May | 09:18
I'm humming a royalty-free version of Happy Birthday for both of you.
posted by drezdn 22 May | 09:22
Happy birthday brujita!
Happy birthday essexjan!
Happy birthday JanetLand!

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 May | 09:41
Happy happy happy birthday ladies!
posted by ramix 22 May | 09:46
Hat trick! Happy birthday, ladies!
posted by box 22 May | 10:02
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Happy Happy Happy birthday!
posted by arse_hat 22 May | 11:19
Happay Birthdaay Laydays!
posted by hadjiboy 22 May | 12:18
happy birthday to the lovely ladies!
posted by Mrs.Pants 22 May | 14:49
Three for one! Happipippity.
We need birthday baskets of bath bombs and chocolates.
posted by ethylene 22 May | 17:19
Righto, happy birthday, all!
posted by Hugh Janus 22 May | 17:24
Holy bunny, I just now saw this thread!

Happy Birthday, my lovely ones! *whuffles the ladies joyously*
posted by Specklet 22 May | 17:26
The day just got thrice as nice! Happy Birthday, all!
posted by Pips 22 May | 17:27
Me too Specklet.

Happy, happy birthday!!
posted by LoriFLA 22 May | 17:28
Happies Birthdays!
posted by initapplette 22 May | 17:36
A Wonderful Birthday to all three of you!!!!!!
posted by redvixen 22 May | 18:13
I hope y'all had wonderfully Hoppy Burfdays!
posted by deborah 23 May | 15:04
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