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21 May 2007

I just found out (via an email from a friend) that DumbCo is selling off furniture from their 'corporate apartments,' (provided free of charge to the millionaire muckety-mucks) in an attempt to stay afloat. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.
Hahahahaha! Serves 'em right!
posted by Doohickie 21 May | 12:55
Can I get a good deal on a mattress, or did the muckety-mucks dirty them up too much?
posted by wendell 21 May | 12:58
The downside is, of course, if they do in fact go under a lot of good people will be out of work.

The email my friend forwarded me had specific pieces of furniture listed on a little spreadsheet. I can't believe these jagoffs were living like that and had the nerve to get upset with us way back when.
posted by jonmc 21 May | 13:00
Well, what's for sale????
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 May | 13:01
Well pink,all I know of the decorative sensibility of DumbCo is from the office, so I'd have to guess fabric cubicles and plywood desks. Then again, the higher ups seemed to live in a different universe, so maybe it's platinum toilet seats (or in one case, acoustically engineered urinals) and gemstone-encrusted toothbrushes.
posted by jonmc 21 May | 13:07
(I just check the email. were talking about $1000 coffe tables and the like. from apartments in an expensive Lower Manhattan neighborhood)
posted by jonmc 21 May | 13:12
I just read that the place I worked is eliminating another 100 positions due to declining advertising revenues, specifically in classified (where I worked). Is it wrong to think that after they let me go it all went to hell? ; )
posted by sisterhavana 21 May | 13:13
Zap-zap zap Armpit Compartments Zillionaire puckety fuck zap Bing! Aardvark Revenges! Landhatting Mower! Zap zap... desk unit 55378008 needs Zap! auxiliary power Redline Redline Mayday Zap Bing!

Spreadsheet reference FATAL EXCEPTION ERROR 11101
posted by Hugh Janus 21 May | 13:27
I worked for a small consultancy (sales training and industry evangelism) that did very well pre-9/11. We were small and the owners (two brothers) were very open about all aspects of the enterprise.

Interestingly, the vice president of sales had an entertainment account that was larger by half than the combined salaries for himself and the two owners. That is the price of being on a first-name basis with the CEOs of IBM and Hewlett-Packard.
posted by mischief 21 May | 13:43
I worked for a small software company that was run by a pair of absolute scum-sucking, useless, lying, back stabbing, devious, fuck-wads. Years later I'm still glad the company went to the wall after I left.
posted by TheDonF 21 May | 13:53
$1000 coffee tables... good grief.

(I think I hear a Dylan song somewhere...)
posted by Pips 21 May | 14:22
"$1000 coffee tables... good grief." Yeah, the cheapskates!
posted by mischief 21 May | 14:44
TheDonF, did we work together? The CEO and COO of my previous employer bled it dry with greed and outright incompetence. They were petty, vindictive, and not all that bright. They're gone now, and I hear it's better. I'm so happy not to be there. Things have worked out fine for me, but the toll it took on a lot of nice people is just plain evil.
posted by theora55 21 May | 18:56
I worked for a law firm where in June one year a memo (this was in the days before email was invented) was sent round to everyone saying that, sorry, legal aid rates had not gone up so nobody would be getting a pay rise, it was the same for everyone, we'd all have to tighten our belts, if we all pull together, blah, blah, blah ...

On 1 August, when the new car registrations came out, all 15 partners drove up in brand new cars that the partnership had bought (not leased) at a total cost of around 250,000.

Let them eat cake ...
posted by essexjan 22 May | 01:25
Hmmm, I wonder if this is what I have. || A question for kellydamnit as a follow-on to the linked commet: