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20 May 2007

And THIS was why my heart was broken last Wednesday. (Friday, if I'd been watching with Essexjan.)[More:]

But it does tell the truth about the music industry, no?
Did you vote, bunnyfire?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 May | 14:50
No, sadly, because the night before my husband had dibs on the TV-he was (switch to shout mode) WATCHING THE GILMORE GIRLS FINAL EPISODE.


I had voted in earlier shows, but even if I'd voted that night, I cannot keep up with four-hour-straight-textvoting-teenbots.
posted by bunnyfire 20 May | 15:10

Yea, unfortunately, for American Idol, those who vote run the show. I don't understand why anyone would watch and not vote (like, not vote ever), unless they don't have a good phone plan.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 May | 15:14
Melinda is the best. I predict that she will have the most successful post-Idol career than any other from this season. I have never bought an album recorded by an Idol contestant, but will be doing so when she releases her first.
posted by ericb 20 May | 16:48
Melinda seems great, and will do well. For whatever reason, despite her great talent, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan -- there is not that je-ne-sais-quoi something (texture?) in her voice and I do not feel grabbed by her performances.

I still like Blake -- I think he has great style and pop appeal. I loved his rendition of Time of the Season. I thought it was brilliant.

Jordin -- I know it's not her fault but she really irr-i-tates me.
posted by Claudia_SF 20 May | 18:07
PS I love(d) the Gilmore Girls. Fortunately I had the DVR running.
posted by Claudia_SF 20 May | 18:07
Oh, I will be voting for Blake, big time. BIG time. If it wasn't for Melinda he'd have been my pick, I think.


No. Heck no. Do Not Want.
posted by bunnyfire 20 May | 18:11
I hate Blake more than I can say. I could quite happily kick his teeth down his lipless little face. The songs where he actually has to sing instead of doing all those stupid sound effects show the limitations of his voice, which is thin and reedy. But I can see why girls like him, although I thought Chris Richardson was waaaay hotter than Blake.

I like Jordin.

On the Idol finale show, I understand that Leona Lewis, who won the UK version of this show (called 'X Factor') will be performing. Simon believes she is the best talent he has ever found on any of the many talent shows he's done both in the UK and US. She is, I have to say, phenomenal.

I liked Melinda but found her a bit too 'Broadway' at times, which I think wouldn't endear her to the younger viewers.

But winning Idol doesn't necessarily make you a star. Where's Taylor Hicks these days? I have Elliot Yamin's album and it's wonderful, he's probably the only Idol contestant I'd pay good money to see perform live (but, oh, Elliott, what have they done to you? Those teeth are just too, too Hollywood.)

I'm sure Blake will have a post-Idol career - that is, if they decide to make 'Police Academy 27' ...
posted by essexjan 21 May | 00:15
Jordin fan here. Even though she's apparently a pro-lifer.

I only started watching it this year, and only after my 3- and 5-year-old cousins quizzed me about the show. After having those conversations, I decided to familiarize myself, because talking to them on the phone is really cool.
posted by mudpuppie 21 May | 00:41
Damn you, mudpuppie -- now I googled and was forced (forced!) to read about the religious beliefs of various Idols.

Essexjan, that's funny that you hate Blake so much. He seems not-inspirational-of-such-strong-emotion to me. At first I found him a little annoying, but now I like him. Does it help to know that he chose Imagine for "inspirational songs" night and that the religious right came down on him for the "imagine no religion" line?

Here's wiki on Jordin, and a tabloid-y story about her pro-life background.
posted by Claudia_SF 21 May | 01:41
I'm sorry, claudia_sf! Also, I'm not clicking on your link. I'd rather not know.
posted by mudpuppie 21 May | 01:44
I thought Melinda should have stayed and Jordin should have gone. Jordin's a good singer but she annoys me a bit. At least Melinda will be fine - I'd be shocked if she doesn't already have offers out the wazoo.

I will be powervoting for Blake this week!

(is it wrong that I sort of want to make out with him?)
posted by sisterhavana 21 May | 13:23
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