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19 May 2007

There's a pigeon sitting on my deck. He won't leave and isn't scared of me. What do I do? I'm worried that he's hurt or sick.
Leave him alone, mostly.

If you have some grains or birdseed, you could slowly put some out there, along with a dish of water. Wait and see.

Then, call Mrs.Pants.
posted by mudpuppie 19 May | 00:38
What would Ms. Pants do?
posted by youngergirl44 19 May | 00:41
He has a stick or something wrapped around his foot - I tried to give him bread and he tried to fly but came back.
posted by youngergirl44 19 May | 00:45
WWMPD? Exactly!
posted by mudpuppie 19 May | 00:45
Is it a message from before the Pony Express?
Is Mrs. Pants the bird whisperer?
posted by ethylene 19 May | 00:46
Okay, this is totally Looney Toons, but you could set up a pigeon trap -- a box propped up by a stick, stick attached to a string. Bait the box with birdseed.

When I rescue baby birds, the easiest way to catch them is to throw a towel over them, then pick them up. They don't see it coming and can't wander/fly off.

Combine the two methods, unleash the foot, save the pigeon!

Mrs.Pants has a pet pigeon.
posted by mudpuppie 19 May | 00:47
The BF scared him away... we were trying to help him and now he's gone. :(
posted by youngergirl44 19 May | 00:49
Okay, so set up a trap for the boyfriend using a cardboard box and a stick....
posted by mudpuppie 19 May | 00:50
But the message tied to the foot!
We will never be trusted with missives transcending the time space continuum again!
posted by ethylene 19 May | 01:06
It's a pigeon.

It's so accustomed to foraging near human areas that it's scarcely threatened by you.

You could ignore it, of course, but if you offer it food, it'll be back.

With reinforcements.
posted by Smart Dalek 19 May | 06:43
Read the Mo Willems picture books about the pigeon to it, making sure to shout at the top of your lungs at the parts where it melts down. ;-)
posted by brujita 19 May | 09:29
On that note, it's very important that you don't let it drive the bus.
posted by box 19 May | 09:42
posted by plinth 19 May | 23:44
it may have been a baby, they look very much like the adults but will make that cheeping noise most baby birds do. I hope everything turned out okay! Next time light the pigeon signal in the sky and I will jump into my magic bucket and sail in to save the day!
posted by Mrs.Pants 21 May | 10:29
Use a BB gun. The muzzle velocity and weight of the balls may be low, but they'll kill vermin pretty effectively. If you don't eat meat then leave it alone; eventually it will die of other causes.
posted by econous 21 May | 19:41
Dear Indians: You can have your land back. || How’s your week-end been going so far?