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18 May 2007

Three Point Status Report: Weekend Plans So what's everyone looking forward to doing as we (well, on the East coast of the US) get near that "oh boy almost time to go!" hour?[More:]

Friday: my roommate's band is having a CD release party tonight, so I'll be there. It's at the punk bar, so I get to enjoy $2 cans of PBR all night.

Saturday: Watching the hockey game at my favorite neighborhood dive bar in the afternoon, going to a birthday party in the evening.

Sunday: hopefully making a new dress. Cleaning my apartment. Making spaghetti sauce.
Friday: dinner out, movie at home
Saturday: party at our place, baby!
Sunday: Cleaning, and I have to go into work for a few hours
posted by gaspode 18 May | 15:20
Friday: Party downtown
Saturday: Party uptown
Sunday: Party all around
posted by Hugh Janus 18 May | 15:25
This is what I'm doing.
posted by essexjan 18 May | 15:27
Tonight: continue loafing on the couch, drinking beer, and listening to music
tommorow: pode's party
sunday: secret ritual in the woods
posted by jonmc 18 May | 15:27
Friday: Bestfriend's bachelor party, clear out savings account for Europe trip.
Saturday: Clean house before trip, get manicure and pedicure for wedding, random pre-trip errands.
Sunday: Bestfriend's wedding!
Monday: Leave for Europe for 3 weeks!!!
posted by matildaben 18 May | 15:28
Friday (If I manage to get off my ass...):
Trip to Rite Aid (new mascara, floss, CD cases); bank to deposit my paycheck and get quarters for laundry; Mailboxes Etc. to print out and bind a copy of the Aeneid in Latin to brush up ma skillz. A nap would probably also be a good idea. Someone convince me to get off my ass and run errands, plz?

Friday (for sure): A dinner celebrating my ex-roommate/friend's graduation. Said dinner is at the house of the individual who instigated the intervention, so I'm not actually looking forward to it much. There's also a housewarming party for someone else later in the evening, but I doubt I'll go.

Saturday: Laundry, cleaning (ZOMG cleaning!) the living room and reorganizing the kitchen. Maybe a movie (28 Weeks Later is a good candidate). Or maybe Warcraft or watching the rest of Heroes. And possibly a trip to the gym.

Sunday: Hike with some out-of-town people.
posted by Fuzzbean 18 May | 15:29
Friday: birthday dinner at the Sunset Grill - 200 beers in bottles and on tap!

Tomorrow: get the car inspected, get stamps, other random errands. Maybe Ikea if I get the car back early enough. More drinking that night.

Sunday: Moving my beer to the secondary fermenter, food shopping. Maybe Ikea if I don't go tomorrow. I've been inspired to improve my kitchen a little. If it stops raining by then I might take my camera out instead.
posted by backseatpilot 18 May | 15:39
(so. jealous. of. matildaben)
posted by gaspode 18 May | 15:40
I wish you were stopping here, matildaben.
posted by essexjan 18 May | 15:47
Friday: Karate class after work, then drinks with two of my favorite pals at Matchbox

Saturday: Cleaning/setting up my apartment (still), baking cookies, girls' night out

Sunday: Karate in the morning, looking at new road bikes, working on a freelance project
posted by smich 18 May | 15:48
- Tonight: work overtime; go home and collapse.
- Tomorrow: more overtime; finally check out our Dan Flavin exhibition in the evening with a friend, then out to dinner; go to boyfriend's house and collapse.
- Sunday: more overtime. More collapse.

Deadlines are the times that try editors' souls.
posted by scody 18 May | 15:50
tonight - simple dinner, snuggling and watching dvd(s)
tomorrow - look at dream house model, help dad out at American Legion BBQ
sunday - laundry, band practice
posted by krix 18 May | 15:51
(also so jealous of matildaben)
posted by kellydamnit 18 May | 15:58
tonight: trader joe's and then whatever with my friend jack
tomorrow: 'pode party!
sunday: brooklyn kickball! anyone want to come be on our team? we need people!
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 18 May | 16:00
Tonight: Dinner with family friend
Saturday, Sunday: JFF
posted by paulsc 18 May | 16:04
In half an hour: kitty! is coming! kitty! is coming!
Tomorrow: Whatever kitty! wants to do. Everyone else will have to fuck off. Unless it has some chronic pooping problem or something.
Crap, i should vaccuum now.
posted by ethylene 18 May | 16:19
friday: me vs. PBR
saturday: long day at work followed by me vs. PBR
Sunday: long day at work followed by wiffleball(and me vs. PBR) then a screening of my friend's tv show(29 minutes)possibly followed by me driving to STL for some more nookie...
Monday: painting the SO's new condo, more nookie, me vs. bottle of either "tres generations" or Patron...
Tuesday: same as monday

i guess i turned this into a six-point bulletin...

sunday: brooklyn kickball! anyone want to come be on our team? we need people!
If i could get in touch with my buddy there he would probably be interested...oh, and i want to go to gaspode's partay! :(
posted by Schyler523 18 May | 16:24
btw, is it kosher to refer to a best friend with benefits as an SO?
she is significant to me...but i'm unsure how much reciprocation there is, and honestly i don't care...

You can't break a broken heart...
posted by Schyler523 18 May | 16:26
posted by chrismear 18 May | 16:30
btw, is it kosher to refer to a best friend with benefits as an SO?

posted by stynxno 18 May | 16:32
I'd say not, Schyler. SO implies a degree of commitment and a "relationship" of sorts beyond FWB usually entails.

PBR= Pabst Blue Ribbon.
I know, I know, hipster antifashion fashion, but I don't care. I remember snagging cans from the garage as a kid, and it makes me happy.
posted by kellydamnit 18 May | 16:32
fair enough...then i'm painting a really close friend's condo...
posted by Schyler523 18 May | 16:45
I was so depressed a few hours ago, I was going to sabotage any week-end plans that I might’ve had, but things are looking pretty good now.

Friday’s almost up, so I’ve only got the week-end to plan for, and I’m already three hours into that (need to get some sleep).

Let’s see:

Saturday—wash the car, and call up a good friend of mine and remind her that we had lunch plans for today. Wind up the evening with washing clothes probably.

Sunday—wake up early and get a head start on cleaning the house, in time for my mother’s arrival, and also pick her up from the station. (In addition to which, I will have to make a call to my boss, and ask him if I still have a job to come to on Monday.)

He’s a nice guy, but I’m not sure how he’ll take it. I think I’ll tell him that I have these panic attacks which make it a little difficult for me to acclimatize myself to a stressful situation, and that I’m getting help for it, and hope that he understands.
posted by hadjiboy 18 May | 16:58
Tonight: brownies and sleep.
Tomorrow: roller derby.
The day after: stat sheets, mowing the lawn, more sleep.
posted by eamondaly 18 May | 17:12
I wish you could come too, Schyler! I wish everyone could come!
posted by gaspode 18 May | 17:52
Tonight: Curl up with a good book: The Joy of Sects.

Tomorrow: Go for a walk, then go to a divorce support group outing -- vespers (they're church people -- 7th-Day Adventists, no less), then Putt-Putt golf, then snacks and card playing.

Sunday: Church (Lutheran, then UU), a good, hard 90-min speedmarch, then clean my bathroom.
posted by PaxDigita 18 May | 18:59
Wow... you fit more religion into one weekend than I do in a year!

(figuring the next time I'm in a church will be my sister's wedding in August.)
posted by kellydamnit 18 May | 20:14
I might go to the UU church this Sunday (in SF) -- I went two weeks ago, not out of any spiritual longing or even nostalgia (I was raised UU, it used to be a big part of my life), but just to try to meet some adults.

Else? I have a barbeque. And a work assignment to finish (which I'm actually fine with -- I was "stuck" for two weeks, and today I was actually able to get it 2/3rds of the way done, so I'm sort of excited).

Else? Taking dog somewhere -- beach or Dolores Park.
posted by Claudia_SF 18 May | 21:56
Friday: emailed and called lawyer about the smegma carpet people and the harridan designer--she didn't get back to me until after five when I was out, clarified the insurance form with the junk removal people, considered ways to get into the spoiled prince's place to take a pre construction photo of his hallway after I blew up at him and he called the cops two weeks ago, glutted myself on movies.
Saturday: Lee Marvin movie, gaspode's party
Sunday: matinee of Deuce with my aunt, early dinner with her and my uncle, laundry.
posted by brujita 19 May | 02:13
Friday: getting ready for husband leaving
Saturday: getting ready for husband leaving
Sunday: husband leaving. Not for good, but for seven weeks


His work is technical, and he's spent a bunch of time fixing/building equipment in preparation, as well as trying to settle house things so I'll be as comfortable as possible while he's not here - repairing leaky pipes, installing an outdoor faucet, blah, blah. We're counting down to zero hour now, so trying to make sure none of his equipment is overlooked, clothes and stuff all packed, last minute house problems solved. I feel sad.
posted by taz 19 May | 04:07
Help pick Hillary Clinton's campaign song || The Return of Joe Famous is nigh...