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18 May 2007

Elementary school kids do not need to discuss oral sex with their principal.

That's my take on it at least.
posted by CitrusFreak12 18 May | 23:52
Mr. Garrison: Say 'hi' to Sexual Harassment Panda!
The Class: Hi, Sexual Harassment Panda.
Sexual Harassment Panda: Did you know that when one little panda pulls on another little panda's underwear, that's sexual harassment? That makes me a sa-a-a-a-ad panda.
Kyle: This is freaking me out, dude.
Sexual Harassment Panda: And when one little panda puts his furry little willy in another panda's ear, that makes me a very sad panda. Now, I'm going to pass out these booklets, and we're going to go through each and every sexual harassment law.
The Class: Awwww
posted by seanyboy 19 May | 02:05
yo citrusfreak, not that anyone will ever read this down here, but...

Elementary school kids do not need to discuss oral sex with their principal.

i agree, for what it's worth. however, dunno if you read that whole article, but that was pretty much the point. they tried FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS to get parents engaged with the kids who were bullying, in attempts to discourage them, but to no avail.

finally, in desperation, they decided to shock the parents into some sort of response. good, bad or indifferent, at least now they know that the parents were both embarrassed enough and engaged enough by that assignment that something got done about the situation. that's my take on it. seems they decided to use moral outrage as a lever in this situation, which i think is kinda brilliant, actually.

now, whether or not this would have flown in the U.S.... that's a whole other ball of string right there.
posted by lonefrontranger 19 May | 16:20
No, in the U.S. the parents would have sued the school, the principal, and the makers of the paper they wrote on. The student who was teased mercilessly would have to be transferred to another school in another town. Then his parents would sue the parents of the harassers. Such great laws we have, here.
posted by redvixen 19 May | 17:40
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