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18 May 2007

mystery phone call Just now I got an... intriguing.... phone message. I'm at work, and coming back from the bathroom I found I had a message that consisted of a sample of Seals and Croft's "Get Closer". I've looked up the extension number it came from and it is not listed on our directory. Hmmm. I'd rather like to know to whom I am supposed to be getting closer.
Did you miss the commode again?
posted by PaxDigita 18 May | 11:09
I guess it could be worse: it could have been "Get A Little Closer" by Pretty Ricky.

Sample lyric:

Lick it from the front hit ya from the back
Freak you in my whip baby just relax
Lick it from the front hit ya from the back
Freak you in my whip baby just relax
posted by Atom Eyes 18 May | 11:13
Or the jingle from the deodorant commercial:

Get a little closer
Don't be shy
Get a little closer
With Arrid Extra Dry
posted by Atom Eyes 18 May | 11:15
Or the Nine Inch Nails song 'Closer.'
posted by box 18 May | 11:16
I would just like to say that I love Seals & Croft. Does that make me weird?
posted by WolfDaddy 18 May | 11:26
No, it doesn't make you weird, my little hummingbird.
posted by ericb 18 May | 11:33
Could have been hold music.
Which doesn't explain it much more, but that does sound very hold-music-y.
posted by kellydamnit 18 May | 11:33
No, it wasn't hold music. The recording had a rough, being-played-on-a-Walkman/ipod-which-is-held-to-the-receiver kind of sound to it.

There is someone at work who has been so friendly (stopping by my desk, asking about my weekend plans, loaning me movies) that I have been wondering if maybe he was interested. Maybe it's him.
posted by Orange Swan 18 May | 11:41
I ask in all seriousness ... does the whole leaving-a-song-on-voicemail-anonymously thing really turn one's crank? It kinda freaks me out a little bit. Now if it's from someone I know, that's one thing, but the random anonymity really just leaves me very disinterested.
posted by WolfDaddy 18 May | 11:50
hummingbird? COOL!
posted by WolfDaddy 18 May | 11:53
I don't even understand the motivation of it... how are you supposed to know who it is!
posted by kellydamnit 18 May | 12:09
I love Seals and Crofts up to (not through) Diamond Girl. The early stuff is really sweet.

I have done this, but never at work.
posted by danf 18 May | 12:11
Back when my brother lived on Connecticut Ave just south of the National Zoo (DC), his door buzzer was connected to his phone, and you would hold down the "9 (WXYZ)" key to buzz someone in. If nobody was home, the person outside would hear the phone go to voice mail, and could leave a message.

Once I was visiting and we returned from seeing a movie at the Uptown to a message on his machine from what sounded like a twelve-year old, slowly whispering "Penis" over and over again, punctuated by giggling and shushing.

I loved that message.
posted by Hugh Janus 18 May | 12:38
This is reminding me of a message I once found on my home phone.

"Oh, sorry, wrong number... but you have a sweet, sexy voice, I gotta say."
posted by Orange Swan 18 May | 13:37
I agree with WolfDaddy. I've never had it happen to me but I've been around when people were checking their messages only to come around something like this. I always thought it was creepy and stalker-ish. Next thing you know, BAM, this guy shows up to work dressed like you with a matching wig.
posted by puke & cry 18 May | 13:58
oh and Hugh Janus: Penis penis penis penis penis (SFW except for the use of the word penis)
posted by puke & cry 18 May | 14:03
If it is someone who is trying to tell you they like you, I think it's cute and, no doubt, they will show themselves sooner or later, or leave a clue as to who they are.

We used to have as my outgoing message a section from Pink Floyd's "Is there anybody out there?" just saying (obviously) "is there anybody out there" in that creepy voice, then the beep. We used to get lots of messages along the lines of "[long pause] what the fuck?". It took hours going backwards and forwards with a CD player and the answering machine to get it timed right, but it would be trivial these days.
posted by dg 20 May | 18:02
This sounds like someone accidentally hit redial on a phone in their pocket or purse and didn't realize they'd called anyone.
posted by Eideteker 20 May | 22:33
Couldn't have been. It was an internal call.
posted by Orange Swan 22 May | 19:02
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