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17 May 2007

Sheboygan! ...Wisconsin, or otherwise. I just like to say that: Sheboygan! Try it, it's fun. What do you like to say? Here's a cute picture.

And I said: "When in Mucca, do as the Muccans do".

Chattahoochee is fun to say too.
posted by getoffmylawn 17 May | 15:04
I like to say "shoulder." Try it out, I know it's not a town name, but "shoulder" makes wonderful use of the mouth.

For town names, I like Zikhron Ya'aqov, and for rivers, Youghiogheny.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 May | 15:15
Mucilage. I like to say mucilage.
posted by arse_hat 17 May | 15:21
Chattahoochee sounds vaguely pornographic.
posted by shane 17 May | 15:35
In a couple of songs, it sounds like Jay-Z is saying "shaboy!" what's that all about?
posted by pieisexactlythree 17 May | 16:01
I just like saying "femur."
posted by dersins 17 May | 16:25
As far as place names go I love to say Chibougamau.
posted by arse_hat 17 May | 16:31
posted by taz 17 May | 16:35
Skookumchuck. Tatoosh. Sequim (pronounced "skwim"). Humptulips. Sklallam. Mukilteo (home of the Mukilteo ferry). Bogacheil. Ephrata. Cle Eulum. Enumclaw.
posted by bmarkey 17 May | 18:21
Measles... Say it... mmmeeeeeeeasles. It always makes me laugh.
posted by youngergirl44 17 May | 19:06
Mention my name in Sheboygan
Itís the greatest little town in the world
Just tell them youíre an old friend of mine
And every door in town will have a big welcome sign
So mention my name in Sheboygan
And if you ever get in a jam
Just mention name, I said mention my name
But please donít them where I am!
posted by plinth 17 May | 19:39
posted by jason's_planet 17 May | 19:52
Kamchatka! Irktuksk!
posted by Eideteker 17 May | 20:27
Living in Wisconsin, we're just full of these fun names. Waukesha. Oconomowoc. (oh CON uh muh WOCK). Wausau. Wauwatosa. Weyauwega. Peshtigo. Oshkosh.

Miss Pronouncer.
posted by stilicho 17 May | 23:57
Oconomowoc is awesome because every other letter is an 'o'
posted by youngergirl44 18 May | 04:11

I once said this was a stupid street name because it was just four letters repeated over and over again - then the BF pointed out that my name is the same... amanda... boo..
posted by youngergirl44 18 May | 04:14

I've only learn how to spell it because the company I work for has a location there and because I used to write restaurant descriptions. Also, Bay View residents are obsessive about having the whole name spelled out, something about no one knowing what KK is.

I also love Wautoma, Coloma, Oconomowoc,and Baraboo (though I hate the city)
posted by drezdn 18 May | 08:54
Also, Waushara.
posted by drezdn 18 May | 08:54
Aussies have great place names too. Like Woomera (sp?) and Coonabarrabran. From their aboriginals, like WI placenames from U.S. Native Americans.
posted by shane 18 May | 09:17
Port Lyautey.

"RefAuth." (Short for "referral authorization.")

"Imannentize the eschaton."



posted by PaxDigita 18 May | 11:04
omg husky vs kitten || Psychic... Powerless... another man's...