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17 May 2007

Happy Birthday MetaChat!!! You are 2 years old!!! WooHoo!!!!
Oh god, I feel so old. Is it really true?
posted by mudpuppie 17 May | 00:42
Tis true.
posted by arse_hat 17 May | 00:45
Two years? Two years? No. Fucking. Way.

I guess it must be true, but fuck me, it only seems like two weeks.
posted by dg 17 May | 00:55
Heeee. This is kind of awesome (in a nerdy nerdy way) but today is also my mefi anniversary (7th.) (I'm pretty sure I signed up for mecha when it opened.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 17 May | 00:56
A couple of days off, fluffy battle kitten - you signed up here on the 19th. Close enough for a party, though.
posted by dg 17 May | 00:59
Nuts. I was hoping it would all be the same day.

Happy birthday to mecha, nonetheless.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 17 May | 01:03
Now MeCha is going to be going through the 'terrible twos'... either that, or it's a teenager in dog years. Either way could be trouble...

Oh, Happy Anny Versry...
posted by wendell 17 May | 01:26
Happy anniversary mecha!

(and dg, how do you find out when someone signed up here? it doesn't seem to indicate on my profile page)
posted by PY 17 May | 01:32
Could not find a bunch of flowers. So here is a bunch of kittens instead.
Do not put them in water.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by essexjan 17 May | 01:45
Omigod. I totally forgot. I can't believe it. But I also forgot my Dad's birthday a couple of days ago, my husband's birthday in April, and we moved on my sister's birthday, so had no phone or internet. I did manage to call for Mother's Day, though. Geesh.

I feel like dg - it doesn't seem like two years at all. I'll be a better bunny after this week, which is crazycrazytime at tazhouse.
posted by taz 17 May | 02:14
NOT Birthday Kittens, Birthday Bunnies!
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by wendell 17 May | 02:15
Someone here needs to start a What Metachat Means to Me thread. Since it's a b'day and all.

I'm not going to do it, because I refuse to be cuddly.

Please, someone start that thread?
posted by mudpuppie 17 May | 02:17
Here you go.
posted by dg 17 May | 02:23
I think we should start potty training it
posted by jonmc 17 May | 06:13
*spanks metachat*
posted by mike9322 17 May | 06:50
That's all? I feel like a pedophile.
posted by omiewise 17 May | 07:13
I feel like a pedophile.

Sorry, we're all out of pedophiles. How about eggs and bacon?
posted by jonmc 17 May | 07:18

*gives MeCha one to grow on, then goes back to couch to finish recuperating*
posted by WolfDaddy 17 May | 07:24
Yay! I love you guys!
posted by tr33hggr 17 May | 07:40
Happy birthday, Metachat!

I baked you a cake... but I ate it.
posted by Elsa 17 May | 07:41
Yay metachat! More birthday bunnies!
posted by gaspode 17 May | 08:01
You are all that.

Happy Bee Day!
posted by initapplette 17 May | 10:27
Whoohoo! Yay for two!
posted by Sil 17 May | 10:31
Happy Birthday, MetaChat!

um, US.
posted by shane 17 May | 11:56
posted by Specklet 17 May | 13:14
It's not sparkly.
Could we have a belated sparkly birthday site next week?
posted by ethylene 17 May | 14:49
yes, we can! yes, we will!
posted by taz 17 May | 14:52
Yay, birthday! Can we play pin the tail on the bunny?
posted by Pips 17 May | 17:14
Yay, MeCha birthday! How about a pinata?
posted by redvixen 17 May | 19:09
Hoppy Burfday to Us!
posted by deborah 17 May | 20:40
Happy Birthday Metachat!
Here is a raised drink (you cannot see it, but hell it's here) to the mods, past and present, and to the regulars and the irregulars who frequent the place. I find myself too often thinking in Metachat terms in RL too! Love ya, all.
posted by carmina 17 May | 22:47
I'm a bad bunny! Happy Belated!
posted by brujita 18 May | 02:48
Thanks for being born, MetaChat.
posted by danostuporstar 18 May | 07:39
HAPPY BDAY METACHAT! Here I am, late to the party as usual, but I brought booze to make up for it!
posted by SassHat 20 May | 08:44
'Cooter! Cooter!' || Hey maw, Bubba done kilt his first Yuppie.