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17 May 2007

why oh why is youtube blocked at work?
posted by getoffmylawn 17 May | 15:06
Heh. Do you want a spoiler, goml?
posted by essexjan 17 May | 15:28
It isn't that sex tape I'm in, is it?
posted by getoffmylawn 17 May | 16:02
It isn't that sex tape I'm in, is it?
No. That would be "Get Off On My Lawn".

Long time no see, goml! How ya been?
posted by jrossi4r 17 May | 16:06
Hangin' in there as best I can, actually I am more miserable than usual and You? I sent you 2 emails this morning while I was confused. I thought you were MGL for some reason unbeknownst to me and I wanted to know why you didn't tell me you had moved to NC. Because you know the next time I move, that's where I am going. To North Carolina, I mean. No, I am not well. My head (brain/mind)is messed up.
posted by getoffmylawn 17 May | 16:34
getoffmylawn, send me a copy of the sex tape and I'll watch the youtube one and tell you if it's the same ;-)

Sorry you aren't feeling well - anything we can do?
posted by dg 17 May | 18:48
Aww, essexjan. That video was very sweet. Actually, in college I was nicknamed turtle, because I move so slow and always have my shell on.

dg, you wouldn't be able to tell it is me, I have this on.

And thank you so much for the inquiry: I am physically healthy, thankfully. But mentally, I am floundering. I feel like a fish out of water. My life has become a mess of my own creation, and I don't know how to climb out of the hole I dug myself into.
posted by getoffmylawn 17 May | 19:36
I wouldn't be looking at your face anyway, so might not even notice ;-)

*hands goml a metaphysical shovel*
posted by dg 17 May | 19:43

and thanks for the shovel, all I need now is a pair of hip waders.
posted by getoffmylawn 17 May | 20:06
Getting mistaken for mgl is a lovely compliment! I'm sorry your dial is set to supersuck, goml. Now that you know which e-mail addy is mine, feel free to use it if you want to talk.
posted by jrossi4r 17 May | 20:52
Great video, essexjan. I never knew turtles could move so fast when they wanted to.
posted by redvixen 18 May | 19:09
LET'S PLAY MECHAFI HYPERNYMANIA! || Possibly the best band name ever