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16 May 2007

w00t !!!! This is a thread for celebration! [More:] I just found out Mrs. Doohickie is the new Lead Content Teacher for History and Social Studies at the high school where she teaches! This is her second year teaching, first with this district, and the normal rule is than an LCT needs a minimum of 5 years experience. So, w00t!

What do you have to celebrate?
w00t! I bought a wetsuit that's comfy and keeps me warm!

& w00t! I'm learning to surf!

& w00t! I discovered an amazing beautiful hike last night, completely serendipitiously! (is that a word?)
posted by small_ruminant 16 May | 17:46
Tomorrow I receive a paycheck that will almost match my entire income from last year. (Not as big as it sounds.) I can pay off bills and not have to worry about the rent for a while. Yay!
posted by mudpuppie 16 May | 17:56
And I just realized that it's farmers' market day!
posted by mudpuppie 16 May | 17:57
It's quittin' time!
posted by cortex 16 May | 18:00
I'm working from home tomorrow!
posted by essexjan 16 May | 18:08
It's Wendellsday, I've balanced my checkbook and come out over $100 better than I had previously guesstimated, AND the direct sun has NOT hurt either eye for three days straight (first time in weeks I can say that) AND WordPress 2.2 updated without the problems I had with 2.1 AND I have NO deadline items on my personal agenda. Individually, small stuff, but all together: W0000T!
posted by wendell 16 May | 18:14
I am posting from the comfort of my futon. Tonight, I finally got around to setting up the wireless router I bought a couple weeks ago. I also went outside and tested...I can get an excellent signal on my patio! That means that as the weather warms up, I can browse to the machine that houses the 50GB or so of music and enjoy it whilst on my patio. I'm quite pleased with myself. I also managed a lovely 32 character WPA key. So, yeah, Woot.
posted by richat 16 May | 19:18
Ummm, I'll get back to you on this one.
posted by dg 16 May | 19:43
I believe the downpouring rains have battered the massive forest fire south of me! If not, at least it's doing a world of good for my flower bed!
posted by redvixen 16 May | 19:45
Right on for MRs. D!
posted by Miko 16 May | 20:44
The mister has a five day weekend starting tomorrow!
posted by deborah 16 May | 22:39
Excellent w00tness, everyone!
posted by Doohickie 16 May | 23:36
Yay, Mrs. Doohickie! She must be really talented to have bypassed the folks with seniority in the system.
posted by initapplette 17 May | 10:41
Well, not exactly. The thing is that the school she works at is one of the worst in the district, so teachers often move on ASAP. Because she is starting later in life and I am the primary breadwinner, she feels more comfortable in such a risky (career-wise) setting than your average 2nd year teacher.

The current LCT was a joke who's moving on to another school in the district. He never did anything useful and she ended up being one of the driving forces in the department. In the recent standardized testing, Mrs. Doohickie's bottom-of-the-barrel "sweathogs" scored about as well as the current LCT's honors students (and in fact my wife had more students who got the "commended" score).

There are several older teachers near retirement that don't want the job, a few really brand-new teachers (inexperienced *and* young), and they won't give the job to someone who is also a coach. So in a way, she got it by default, although she is the best person for the job and has already been doing some aspects of the job since the real LCT wasn't doing it.
posted by Doohickie 17 May | 13:49
Help a nerd out. (google maps API + fbk=madness.) || More computer questions. This time about hard drives.