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16 May 2007

A track by the Who I'd never heard before! A thousand thank yous!
posted by interrobang 16 May | 13:42
(well, a commercial at any rate)
posted by jonmc 16 May | 13:47
Do you have the Levi's commercials that Jefferson Airplane did?
posted by box 16 May | 13:50
No but there's a guy on p2p who does, but I forget his name.
posted by jonmc 16 May | 13:51
They're on a 2-cd greatest-whatever anthology, but I forget its name. 2400 Fulton Street, maybe? I'll look for 'em on p2p when I get home today. And thanks--I love this kind of stuff.
posted by box 16 May | 13:53
The Shangri-La's one is especially cool/weird.
posted by jonmc 16 May | 13:55
"In return, it will flatter his masculine ego."

And, because here's as good a place as any, here's a rigatoni recipe from Steve Albini (via):

Boil water. Salt it. Add rigatoni. while it is boiling, sautee some onions and apples (apples in 1/2-inch pieces cubes) in olive oil. Season (salt and pepper, maybe some thyme) everything. If you have some, throw in some bacon or pancetta cut in little cubes. When the apples are starting to brown a little bit, throw in a bunch of chopped garlic. If you have some, throw in a mess of diced celery.

Just before the pasta is al dente (it should still be firm at this stage), drain it and dump it into the skillet with the stuff, along with some of the pasta water. Toss to mix and continue cooking until the pasta is nicely al dente. Just before service, crumble a bunch of gorgonzola into the skillet and toss until it is somewhat melted and coats the pasta a little bit.

Serve with fresh herbs chopped fine as a topside garnish. I like mint and parsley together.
posted by box 16 May | 14:00
When rock stars speak up, I listen. Then do the opposite.
posted by wendell 16 May | 14:03
Damn, that sounds good. I am totally trying that with Granny Smith apples -- their tartness should offset the gorgonzola and thyme nicely.
posted by PaxDigita 16 May | 15:31
Hey! Where is Linda Ronstadt speaking up for the Plow King? That's what I want on my iPod.
posted by crush-onastick 16 May | 15:32
Linda Ronstadt - Plow King
posted by box 16 May | 21:26
The Roots - Sprite ad
posted by box 16 May | 21:28
Anticipation + Excitement = || How do you smell?