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16 May 2007

Battlefield 2: Special Forces. This ia a videogame related query, and I don't really expect it to be successful...[More:]
I play Battlefield 2. It's a game on the PC. To unlock a certain feature, you need to play the expansion pack. I don't have it, and can't seem to find it in stores (unless it comes bundled with the original game or other things that I don't want to pay extra for).

To get the unlocks without purchasing the game, all you have to do is log in and play on a computer that has the expansion pack installed (and yes, its perfectly legal). So...

Would any of you bunnies have or know someone who has Battlefield 2: Special Forces? A friend? A friend of a friend? Anybody? I don't know where else to ask, and I doubt I could figure out a way to make this kind of question kosher for AskMe.
I'm all about video games, but I'm more of a console gamer than a pc gamer. Sorry. :(
posted by youngergirl44 16 May | 23:02
Heh, thanks for keeping my thread company youngergirl. :)
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 May | 23:15
No problem. Just visiting from the tick thread down the street. I was in the neighborhood. :)
posted by youngergirl44 16 May | 23:26
If it's legal, it sounds right up Askme's alley.
posted by dg 16 May | 23:45
If it's legal, it sounds right up Askme's alley.

I asked Jessamyn:
Heya -- you can't do that sort of thing on AskMe. It's not the legality issue, it's the "hey help me out" classified ad sort of part of it. Nothing personal at all, MetaChat might be great for this.

Fooey. :(

Update to my question:
Help me make this kosher for AskMe!!
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 May | 23:49
Oh, sorry - my bad, then. Is there any way you can fit zombies into the question? Because that might work.
posted by dg 17 May | 00:22
Have you seen if it's available in the EA store? Battlefield Expansions and booster packs have a reasonable price.
posted by darkripper 17 May | 07:36
Is this the kind of problem that somebody in the BF (or gamefaqs, or cheapassgamer or something) forums could help you with?
posted by box 17 May | 08:10
I hadn't looked, darkripper! Thanks for the heads up, I'll check!

box: Well The way I see it, I'd need to give someone my account username and password. I was hoping maybe one of you bunnies would know someone 'cause then that would up their "trustworthiness" factor a good deal. I need to see if it's possible to change the password or delete the account without going through email verification, because if it is I won't be giving it out to anyone over the internet.

And I may be able to work zombies into it if I try hard enough.
posted by CitrusFreak12 17 May | 13:39
Damnit. You can change the password without requiring an email verification (in fact you can change the email too!), and the game is $30.00 on EA Link. You can get the original game and the expansion pack for cheaper in Meat-space stores.

posted by CitrusFreak12 17 May | 13:53
In which I brag about the cool shit I just got in the mail || Would there be any point to a MovieFilter?